I have 2 windows 10 PCs on a wireless network.

I have file/printer sharing turned on , on both and it is a private 'work network. ..and each PC can see the other but for some reason it gives me an error saying one can't access the other. The only thing that can be seen is the public folder. So on PC1 there are documents in the public folder and PC2 can see them and access them. We want both users to be able to access the files, but if any changes are made in any of those documents on either PC1 or PC2 by a user we want them reflected...and we want it so if user1 is working on a file and user2 tries to open it they can not.

Can someone please advise how to do this correctly? The easiest way. There is no home group in Windows 10 at least I can't find it we are using the latest versions. What about mapping a network drive? What would that do? Thanks