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Hello everyone,

My freind said a few years ago, we'll never need 1tb of ram (vram aswell) I disagree and say we will as textures get bigger and we will want 8 and maybe even 16k and to render an entire scene of a few 100km in one go... But how much qill we need until its pointless and the only reason to upgrade your gpu is because yours died. When will we stop needing more ram in games? When will we stop needing better gpus When will we stop needing more cpu power and compute? What happens once we can render a world just like ours with life like graphics all for 750$ or even on a 500$ console (nzd) For me i think parts qont stop getting better for other things, but for gaming it wont matter. So what do you guys think the limit will be (I think 500hz is the most we"ll ever use aswell)

Thank you!