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My home wireless connection can stream 4K video to multiple devices at once. My GPU can stream video games to my iPad. But my $350 Bluetooth headphones can’t make or maintain a proper connection with any device I own. Switching devices, forget it. Why is this?

We’ve all used Bluetooth hardware for years. BT speakers are incredibly popular. Over time the standard has expanded, offering more throughput and utility. Except that every single Bluetooth device I have ever owned sucks and pairing and staying connected, from the cheapest speakers to the Bose QC II headphones I received from work. Last week I bought my wife the top recommended BT headphones(Sony h.ear on 2) from the Wirecutter because surely those would pass the minimum standard of pairing and staying paired with the two devices she uses. They do not.

Sometimes Bluetooth cannot get the signal especially for MAC.
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This is very informative thanks.