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Hi, I am a just normal gamer, and Im planning to game and stream on my pc. First time builder but I still know a bit so yeah. Planning on building in some months. Build: Motherboard: Asrock z390 Phantom Gaming, Mini itx Cpu: 8700k or 9700k Gpu: msi rtx 2070 Ram: most likely Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz or 3200mhz ocd higher Case: h200 Psu: corasair 650 or seasonic 750w tech news 

So the question is which cpu? I have checked benchmarks comparing them two on streaming and the 9700k was better at least what the benchmark said. But now I want someone who knows about streaming and cpus more than me tell me which I should get. Personally I feel like the 9700k is better because its newer lol and a bit more futureproof. correct me

9700k is a newer and better CPU and futureproof too. If you do not tend to upgrade your pc for years then just get 9700k.
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