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Not sure what the correct thread is to post this in.

Computer/Phone tech here of 11 years. Have had my own business for about 7-8 years.

For years now I was using Eurosoft/PC Check for hardware diagnostics. We swear by it when it works. It usually never misses a thing. Sometimes when we try to boot with it it gives a "system has small size of available memory..." I don't recall the exact message, when the system could have as much as 8GB. It works on 99% of systems but some it doesn't and we always have to go in and change the BIOS to legacy boot mode so it will boot. I've been using an older version.

Looking to update. Bootable hardware diagnostics can save a lot of time and problem solving. I need something accurate and reliable and would prefer a one time cost not an annual or monthly like Eurosoft now is, I believe. Looking for suggestions: Ultra X , PCDoctor service centre premier or stick with Eurosoft? Need something will run on all kinds of PC's and has extensive hardware diagnostics. Also looking for something equivalent for Mac testing. I think PCDoctor does this for Intel based Macs (Which are most). Finally, we also service iPhone and android devices so if you have any suggestions for things that will help with that. Most of it now we diagnose 'manually' with the exception of a battery tester but if you can suggest something we can run to do a diagnosis of hardware on apple and android devices would be great or something that will do the job quicker if an iPhone won't turn on...rather than trying this and that manually. But I get sometimes that's how it is. Thanks.