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Is anyone planning on attending any major LAN's this year?

I'm going to Dreamhack on April 28-30, then to PDX Lan in July, and then Quakecon in August.

I built a mini ITX computer in the Silverstone Raven RVZ01-E case so I can still have a full sized GPU, but it's still small enough to fit in a large backpack for carryon on flights. I just take my monitor and put it in portrait mode and throw it under the seat. I just check my clothes, because I figure if I'm going to a LAN, it's more important to have a PC than having clothes since you win a lot of T-shirts there anyways. :grin:

I am jealous of you. Never got any chance to go to any of those big events.
I don't really have any near me.. . I'd love to set one up though

I wasn't aware they still did those, everyone just plays games online anyway.
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