I read about games, hear about others playing games, and I ever do is play nonsensical games like solitaire that challenge me a little, but don't do much for me, so, as a belated Birthday gift to myself and to start off the new year right, I've decided to learn to use a game controller and join the league of gamers and join in on the fun. I know young kids play, but I have a difficult time with tech stuff, but thankfully I'm starting to learn and grasp it so hopefully very soon, I won't feel left out any the question is, can anyone recommend a game that is a good escape, marginally violent, no blood, but even better, something fun with Fairies, Witches maybe Elves, Druids, something along the lines of Lord of the Rings, maybe Lara Croft? Star Wars is cool, but the storm troopers really freak me out, I know, that's what they are supposed to do.
I'd recommend Skyrim maybe. Do some googling on it, watch some videos of what you wanna play or hear about and test out some things!
You might ease yourself into it a little. Try Portal. It's dirt cheap right now at the steam holiday sale for $1.99, it's hilarious, it's a first person puzzle game where most of it is fairly relaxed (I seem to recall the end of the game being a little hectic, but the beginning you've got all the time in the world to solve the puzzles one by one). And if you like it, the sequel is dirt cheap for a few more days too, $3.99.
I forgot to add that I want a fun adventurous escape with minimal violence and no blood.