Any suggestions for a computer - laptop or small ergonomic space efficient desktop that would be helpful and good for my writing needs? I do make some youtube videos about my holistic self-care tips, and I take beautiful photos, too, but my main need and focus is a computer with a good writing word processing program with plenty of memory and very simple and easy to use, doesn't need to be constantly maintained and checked for any tech issues...something that I can just sit here and get to work on my writing. Any thoughts? Thank you.
I've never liked any keyboard as much a thinkpad keyboard. There are a lot of options from a thinkpad yoga to an x1 carbon, just decide how much you want to spend and narrow it down. Generally I loathe chiclet keyboards that have flat keys, but the thinkpad chiclet board has a subtle curve to the key surface that really make typing more comfortable and more like using a full size keyboard.

As for software, OneNote is a fantastic writing program that automatically backs up your writing to onedrive. It has a structure that let's you store lots of information in whatever way to choose, basically it's modeled after divided notebooks and provides digital sections and pages in a very intuitive manner. It isn't a word processor, so you'd need to export to something like word, but if you want something that's an all in one program, check into scrivener.
Thank you both for your helpful suggestions. I have heard of scrivener. I need to check it out. I love my keyboard I type on. It's great. It's a very soft touch so the fast typist writer in me writes a lot day and night. I appreciate the great helpful tips.
I thought about it and I think what I need to do since I write a lot and use social media is use my regular computer, have a laptop or notebook standing by for portability and travel and a smart phone for those times when I'm cooking or connecting with nature and I want to share a thought or 2 and take beautiful nature pictures to share with my online friends. Seems to be a good balanced approach.
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