As I read through these posts, I'm inspired, but also intrigued and amused. Technology is great and I love it like everyone else, but it's interesting and a bit unsettling to see so many people enamored with gadgets and becoming so techy friendly. It's cool, I have no problem with it, but I think people also need to be reminded that we are human beings, not bots, lol, and we need to remember that we are using our human hands to type and text, print pages that we want to read, and press buttons to send our favorite pictures to twitter and fb social media. We are doing this, no robots are doing it for us, though I'm sure something is afoot in the future. I still ask, what the heck happened to the Jetson's scenario, where you can truly integrate with robotic technology and use it as a benefit in your life, and make your life easier? I certainly would, though I wouldn't get so caught up in it that I stop doing everything for myself. I mean, that's just absurd. But seriously, all kidding aside, I see many people enamored with all these nifty gadgets, especially phones and tablets and I just wonder and hope that many people continue to do actual human things that don't require using a computer and remember to unplug from technology once in a while. I do and it's a very healthy thing to do. Ok, just my tech/human food for thought for the day. :smile:
Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI......

That is a recent headline. While I also believe that there should be some disconnect from tech every once in awhile it's just the nature of things. With people like Tesla and Zuckerberg and Microsoft and so on the forward advancement of technology will only continue to speed up. With AI taking over business sectors and now a possible neuralink inside of your head it's only going to make automation even more of a reality. The film Minority Report seems more true now than it ever was if you see some of the things they were portraying in that film and it's happening. There will absolutely be speedbumps on that road to advacement as well that will probably have to have some form of regulations put in place. I know this isn't exactly what you may have been talking about, but again it's just the nature of technology. We just have to learn to adapt one way or another.

Toby5, here's an AI speed-bump: "If you upload your mind to a computer, are you immortal or just a bot?" (via Quartz)

Speed-bump: How do you — if you could — upload your mind without becoming a slave/prisoner of the multinational/nation owner of the hardware/server/network? You would probably need to be in the top 1% of hackers: hack and back-door the facility doing your upload so its your own private Penn Station. Have multiple server/networks to house your upload, and have hacks/income to maintain safe houses. How many loophole slaves will there be when all is said and done? Crowd-sourcing seems a good use of them.

Speed-bump: Currently no nation offers AI rights/citizenship or recognizes an upload/transition as not dying.

Speed-bump: Class: An AI is an immigrant until constitutions are amended.

Speed-bump: You essentially have the rebirth of Pro-life vs Pro-choice — Holy hackers waging war on mainframe Babylons?