I'm a confessed Windows Phone defector and I'm on Android now.

Pause for Laughter.

What are the must have apps for Android? I'm talking the ones that should be installed on every device that nobody should live without. I'm sure I can easily sort by rating but open to suggestions. Need to get my Logitech remote app.

Looking for suggestions on:

Photo/Movie suggestions

Fitness app for weight lifters

Maybe a few shared friends games

Anything I should avoid?

BSPlayer is an oddly named but excellently interfaced video player, easy fast-fordward, volume adjustment, brightness adjustment.

The quintessential android app, IMO, is Tasker. It's not the easiest thing to use (just like Android), but you can do anything with it with a little effort (just like Android). It's automationware. Do you want to start your weightlifting playlist when you open up your fitness app? Set it to turn on your bedroom tv in the morning (assuming you have IR) and gradually increase the volume until you get up? Automatically send commands to your custom kernel to say, put your phone in your own custom designed night mode excluding blue light based on time, location and perhaps app (like kindle) or a thousand other things big and small.

Google 'tasker uses' and the two top links both have tons of user suggestions in the comments. Most too niche to find an app just for that, but users can still streamline for themselves with just a little bit of scripting.

There are a few other simpler and less capable apps. Never used it, but since you're a microsoft guy I'll mention it, I seem to recall them making their automation app called on{x} for Android. But Tasker is the big dog. It's like if you get to prison and beat up the toughest guy in the yard, then you're fine, learn Tasker first thing and then you're really set with Android.

Got them thanks I'm thinking I can use tasker to read me stock reports and weather info if I understand it right.

Any recommendations for a Miracast solution? Surprised one isn't built in.

It appears google may have stopped supporting miracast in favor of chromecast. I see some search results indicating that with tinkering (root and build.prop editing) it can be reenabled. That doesn't necessarily mean that your particular device doesn't have it, individual smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG may add things back in that Google took out.

I'd search your particular model and miracast for more information. XDA-devs especially may already have a nice step-by-step on how to make it work.

If rooted, I also recommend Titanium Backup and/or using custom recovery (twrp or cwm) backup images before tinkering too much with internal system settings. Both are very handy for getting back up and running quickly in case something goes wrong.

I got a Honor 5x. I have Fire TV devices around the house but I also have a miracast device as well. Main reasons is I'm a cord cutter and have a modified Tivo and you can stream the recorded programs to Fire TV devices, along with Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu on any TV without any additional box fees. But sadly those devices don't have a Udemy or Pluralsight app.

I was hoping to stream training material since there are apps on the phone and miracast it to any of the TV's. Looks like I might just get a Chromecast cheap enough solution than trying to make the square peg fit the round hole and then I probably wouldn't need to stream hopefully the Chromecast can play the apps directly.

I haven't rooted I'm trying not to I would want to take this as far as possible before rooting as the company I work for I know might block rooted devices. Part of the BYOD program so they pay me $50.00 a month to use my own device so they don't have to provide one. 🙂 Why I'm on a monthly plan as well just in case something happens I'm not stuck in a contract.

Sounds like you might be in luck. Can you find a "multiscreen" button in quicksettings or an app by the same name? It looks like that's what huawei calls their miracast solution and I think they might only support miracast.
Doesn't seem to have it so I downloaded All Connect and it would see the Fire TV units but never connect. Then I found All Connect for the Fire TV sticks and it connects and lets me share everything except apps. 😞

Google is selling the Chromecast 2015 model on e-bay for $30.00 shipped so going that route.

Thanks for the info its not a deal killer maybe when 6 gets downloaded it will add it.

I'd recommend all the Google Online services (Docs, Slides etc etc) 😛
Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts and insight.

What I recently discovered with getting the Chromecast is after installing the Chromecast option on my mobile device I can now stream a lot more of the apps. Mainly the one I was after was UDemy. I haven't tried plural sight yet but getting a Chromecast is really the best solution.

Chromecast is always good xD No debate there.