What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

My wife would love one, and I think they're nice. But are they worth it? What are some good uses for them, other than telling time?

Why Apple Watch? Why not one of the other, cheaper smart watches like the Moto 360? Apple watch you are paying for the name xD
Watches have long been a fashion statement, so if there's any category to buy for the branding, that might be it.

For me it's the battery life that makes me want to stay away. Even something low end like the Pebble Time only lasts a week, and these smarter watches might last less than a whole day. I'll probably sit out the category until ambient charging makes that irrelevant. So probably a decade+.

Nah, just get a good smartphone lol

Nah, just get a good smartphone lol

And... strap it to your arm fallout pipboy style? Maybe one of the smaller ones. iPhone SE or Z compact.

I just can't see the benefit, or rather, the upside to buying an Apple Watch except for looks and a statement. 😛
It all depends on what you plan to do with it or think you want it for. For the most part stick with your phone you don't need one but if you still think you do here are my thoughts.

I don't know anyone that is thrilled with the Apple watch. Battery life is a disaster and the cost is just not right and requires the phone for most functionality as do other devices. I think you would be better off getting the iPod touch mini was is generation 6 with a band if you must have the Apple Brand. Would save a lot of money. If you can deviate from the Apple Brand look at the Samsung Gear Fit 2, Microsoft Band, Fitbit, and the Pebble.

I would take a serious look at the new Samsung Gear Fit 2 that just came out. It seems similar to my Microsoft band but I read it has 4gb storage and you can use blutooth headset with it and stream music stored on the device to a headset. That's a great feature I wish I had on my Microsoft Band because in the gym I'm about my music and the Sansa Clip not about distance and heart rate.

What do I use my Microsoft Band for.

1 - Obviously fitness tracking and sleep habits I did discover a few things I knew but not how bad they were until I got the tracker.

2 - Texting - while it requires the phone I can read and respond to text messages without reaching for my phone which looks a little better in meetings than the people who are texting on their phones. I can quick glance messages on my wrist.

3 - Cortana - Set reminders, ask questions, answer phone, - it requires the phone still but when cooking I prefer to tap it with one clean finger than to take my greasy hands and muck up my phone.

4 - Alarm - wrist vibration doesn't wake anyone else up like alarm clocks do.

The downside is battery life but it charges fast on way to work or park.

GPS eats battery but the battery is quick to charge so on my way to the park I can get enough charge in it for a 1 hour GPS tracked hike. Trick is to turn off blu-tooth to get some extra life since you will be away from your phone anyhow.

A good portion of people get these devices and don't use them months later so maybe you can score a deal on e-bay or craigs list just like all fitness stuff people buy and never use just like new.

Its good to disconnect from your cell phone and focus on a workout a smartwatch which is a screen doubler for my phone might just keep me even more tethered to the phone when everyone should disconnect for a while.

Just my thoughts.