So, I am looking far and wide for a computer, computer parts, or just the money to get a new one in general. I noticed that Windows 10 cost around $100, well I have the free upgrade version of Windows 10 Home on my laptop (i.e. Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 for free). Is it possible to delete Windows 10 off my laptop and insert that same product key into my new desktop?? If not, any other ways to perhaps go around spending an extra 100 on Windows 10?

Thank you,

:grin: Samuel :grin:

As I understand it, MS links your copy of Windows to a particular hardware profile, and this would be especially true for a preinstalled laptop copy which would be OEM windows. If you try to activate that key on your desktop, I'm almost positive it wouldn't activate.

I'm not aware of any great ways to save money on Windows, sorry. Though if you're in college or know someone who is, you might be able to get a student discount (read terms very carefully to understand any limits).