Hi there,

This is my first post here, but I was simply looking for advice on which graphics card (or perhaps other 'bottleneck' component) to buy for my system. Here are my specs:

Intel 2500K processor


Radeon Sapphire HD 6950, 2gB

7200 RPM 1TB HDD

Windows 7

Was wondering whether it is time to upgrade the GFX card at this point, considering that I am beginning to have to lower settings on games such as GTA V pc and BF4 (both 1920x1080). I DO run dual monitors, but obviously am not playing games on both. I am looking to spend between 2-3 hundred for a decent upgrade. I plan on buying the Witcher 3, along with other games as they come out. Any suggestions are appreciated, and thanks!


Edit: I should mention that I am running Windows on my other 1TB 5k RPM drive, which I know slows down windows itself, but doesn't seem to have much effect once a game is actually up and running.

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I assume you have a Sandy Bridge system. In that case you may need to upgrade both the CPU, GPU and Motherboard in order to remove the bottleneck.

Of course, you don't have to upgrade the motherboard if your motherboard has the same CPU socket that others will accept but the main part of the bottleneck will be the CPU and recently Intel has changed their sockets for a newer generation (which includes DDR4, hence the suggestion to upgrade your memory.) so if your CPU supports the socket, you're fine; if it doesn't, you may need to upgrade.

Hope this helps.

Not to go against AKwyn, but no.. you could get a GTX 980 and have no bottleneck.. especially if you OC the cpu.

I can assume you arent going to run out and buy a $500+ GPU so you can pick whatever.

So, the question is, whats your budget? if you can s[censored]ze out an r9 280x you will get a good boost...

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In your price range a R9 290 or 290x is probably the best choice and would be a good upgrade over your current card. If you could go to $320 or so a GTX 970 would be a good option.
Wait for the R9 390x xD
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Wait for the R9 390x xD

Is there a comparable gfx card? isn't the nvidia 295 due soon, or a reveal at least.

As is some new AMD cards
Since you are looking to spend $2-300, you should get a R9 285, 290, or 290x depending on what your power supply can handle if you can't wait. New GPUs from AMD are coming so if your not in a hurry, I'd wait till then to decide.:cool:

This is what's available right now in that range on the egg: 

AMD cards are ALWAYS the way to go 🙂