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Hot on the heels of Google making a native 64-bit version of Chrome available back in August, Mozilla has let loose the fact that an official 64-bit build of Firefox is coming. It's about time, too - even Internet Explorer has had a native 64-bit version for quite some time.

To be fair, a 64-bit version of Firefox hasn't been hard to come by up to this point. A visit to the project's nightly channel could have hooked you up with what you needed, and alternative browsers based on Firefox have also made 64-bit available to users. With the fact that an official stable 64-bit Firefox is en route, though, it's a solution that fans of the browser can truly trust.

In the official project wiki, it's seen that 64-bit development has become a big focus, but there's still no hard date of when normal users will be able to snatch such a version. Why is 64-bit so important? Performance is a big reason, as is stability. Interestingly, a note is listed on the page that says a 64-bit version of Firefox could beat the launch of Windows "9", in case Microsoft retires 32-bit versions - which as the Windows 10 Preview highlights, hasn't happened.

If you're wanting to give a 64-bit Firefox a go, now that you know it's an actual focus of Mozilla and a stable version is en route, you can head on over to the nightly page and grab the latest version. The file you'll want is "firefox-XX.X.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe". As the nightly browser is actually called "Nightly" and is installed to its own unique directory, your stable version of Firefox will be left in tact.

Mike Coyne

I guess it been a while. I would like to have a 64 bit Firefox on my PC I will keep eye on 64 bit FireFox in future when they are released to public.


Met jelang pagi . komen ku hadiir slalu HotHardware


Been using a 64-bit build for a long while now (an official one, not waterfox). There's only one big issue: every time there's an update available, it seems to leak memory like all hell and it gets to the point where either it crashes, or it crashes everything else...


Finally Mozilla , thanks google google for doing it and encouraging Mozilla .


I thought Mozilla stopped developing 64-bit version awhile back...

in fact, if you go to Nightly page, you don't see download for Windows and Mac, only Linux...

yay for competition and for Google pushing Mozilla to officially develop 64-bit version...I've been using Waterfox all this time and been waiting for Mozilla to work on 64-bit version of Firefox again...


gave up mozilla loooooong time a go. Too much flash plugin crashing.


I've been using Firefox Nightly 64-Bit Edition for a long ass time, it's not much new and wont be important for along time to come, as of right now there is no need for a browser to utilize more than a gig and a half of RAM let alone more than 4 gigabytes. Also Batllelog doesn't yet support 64-bit Browser for anyone who plays Battlefield.

Whatever but i think now a days mozilla is creating so much of problem like stop script.