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The cloud storage ecosystem is rife with fierce competition, with companies one-upping each other every single month. In August, we saw Dropbox finally decide to offer a 1TB plan for $10/mo like Google and Microsoft rolled-out months earlier, and last month, Microsoft issued some updates to OneDrive, which included a boost to the file size limit.

It seems Microsoft wasn't finished with its improvements, though. No, it now seems like the Redmond firm won't be able to settle down until it gets the likes of Dropbox and Google to smack their collective heads. What the company has just announced via its OneDrive blog is that Office 365 subscribers will soon be gaining unlimited storage.

With this move, you could say that with Microsoft's cloud storage solution, the sky really is the limit, though that excuses some of the service's limitations, such as the 10GB file size limit and also the fact that you still can't selectively tell OneDrive what to sync. In a way, it does seem odd that Microsoft would make some drastic improvements to the storage amounts while ignoring some of the big complaints consumers have had, so hopefully such issues will be tackled soon.

Nonetheless, with those issues aside, Microsoft is offering what I'd argue to be the best value in cloud storage anywhere. For the $10/mo that the company's asking, it's not only giving you and four other users tied to your account unlimited storage, the price also includes a range of its popular Office apps, like Word, Excel, and so forth.

If only the company would finally tackle its customer's long overdue complaints. I sure wouldn't complain about a OneDrive client for Linux becoming available, either.

If you're an Office 365 user and want to be pushed to the front of the line during this storage transition, you can take care of that here. I find it bizarre that's even an option, but perhaps the rollout is going to be very slow.


OneDrive was already the single cheapest cloud provider out there, this is just icing on the cake. Encrypt your files with high level encryption before upload and you have a perfect provider.


That's such a great combo! office 365 + OneDrive there's nothing I can't do now :P

Pancake Effect

This is awesome :D


While i applauded the 1TB size I started trying to put data up in the cloud and my crappy ISP upload speed is so horrendous that most cloud storage has become utterly pointless as the amount of time to upload is beyond insane. Unlimited, 2TB, whatever, if you have crappy upload capabilities it is almost for naught.