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It has been more than a year since AMD launched its last major update to the top end FX processor line -- the FX-9590. The company has been quiet in the face of Intel's high-end launches, but today AMD is shipping a new CPU that's aimed at multi-core performance enthusiasts who don't want a furnace sitting on their motherboards, and prefer more modest power consumption and quiet computing.

The new FX-8370, FX-8370E, and FX-8320E are familiar in many ways. These cores are still based on the older Piledriver architecture that debuted in 2012, they can still process two threads per module and four modules total for eight CPU cores, and they still rely on AMD's Socket AM3+.

What's new today is the power envelopes and, in one case, a slight speed bump. More details and information after the jump, as we do the play-by-play. 
Pancake Effect

That's one thing that's great about AMD, they keep the same socket size around much longer than Intel..which means less money out of your wallet for upgrades.

Joel H

While I agree that AMD has historically offered better socket compatibility than Intel, the 990FX is getting pretty long in the tooth. I wish we had much hope of seeing AMD release more high-end processors to compete with Intel farther down the road.


I'm really excited to see a possible new architecture next year. AMD could really pull their technology together for some amazing results. This is an awesome processor and I love AMD for its cost vs performance.