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A new Kickstarter has launched for a product called the Pi Vessel. Developed by MSDGroup Inc, the Pi Vessel is a microcomputer for the family that features the Raspberry Pi platform and Linux operating system for an affordable price.

The Pi Vessel’s construction and components are quite simple. It features a case with AC power, Raspbery Pi B or Raspeberry Pi B+ single board computer, 8GB microSD/SD, Raspbian OS with programs, a VESA mount, power cord, and user manual. It is useful for text presentations and spreadsheets, to play simple games, videos, and audio files.

Backers wishing to get receive the Pi Vessel will have to pledge at least $129 (limited to 100) to get the full product, otherwise a $139 pledge will get you the device. In addition, the first 100 backers to pledge $144 will get the Pi Vessel that also includes a WiFi module. If you miss out on that tier, than $149 will be the standard pledge amount that will get you the Pi Vessel with the WiFi module. For $199 backers will get all that and will be able to customize the microcomputer with their own logo or image on the top cover of the case.  

As for the case itself, the Pi Vessel will be available in two colors – black and white. According to the developer, the aluminum case is also strong enough to withstand the blow from a hammer and the weight of a car.

The Pi Vessel Kickstarter project has a goal of $25,000 with stretch goals. If the project’s funding reaches $50,000 the Raspberry logo will be put on the case. $100,000 will unlock additional case colors such as grey, bronze, pink, blue, and green. Also, the WiFi module will be made free if the $150,000 stretch goal is reached while $200,000 will increase the memory capacity to 16GB.

The deadline for the Kickstarter project will end on November 5, 2014. However, if you don’t want to wait to receive the Pi Vessel, then feel free to build a similar microcomputer yourself like we did in our Hot Raspberry Pi How-To Showcase article


I know a smart high school kids that built one of these from scratch. Should have setup a Kickstarter back then. :)


;) Smarter than his old man, thankfully.


here we go again


You guys always talk about great stuff, but I can't stand that you never link to it. All the links just go to your site.


Or you can spend a fraction of the cost by getting a 5v, 2A power supply and 3D printing a case. Sure, it isn't aluminum and cant be run over by a car, but not really needed.


94 bucks seems a little steep for a case,power supply,manual,SD card,and manual.


Most, if not every article has "Via" at the end with a link to the source!

Patience, read, come to a conclusion, read again before commenting and looking like.... well you.


Most, if not every article has "Via" at the end with a link to the source!

Patience, read, come to a conclusion, read again before commenting and looking like.... well you. ☺


It is really aluminum. Have you seen a video? I think you can do the same test on your car :)


but there are many other useful functions like in a big computer