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You could argue that the modern backpack is cloud storage, and if that's the case, you'd be hard pressed to find an offline bag that can compete with Google's "Drive for Education" initiative. Not that you'd want to -- the weight of such a thing would be overbearing, because what Google is offering is unlimited Drive storage.

"For many of the 30 million students and educators using Google Apps for Education, Drive has even replaced their bookbags. Why lug around piles of paper or overstuffed binders when every type of document or file can be retrieved from the nearest Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or browser?," Google states in a blog post.

"Earlier this year, we introduced Drive for Work—a premium version of Google Apps for Work—and now we’re bringing that same power to schools. Today we’re announcing Drive for Education, an infinitely large, ultra-secure and entirely free bookbag for the 21st century," Google continues.

Apps for Education

Being a student is the first step in qualifying for this huge perk. However, that alone won't net you unlimited storage -- your school must be a Google Apps for Education user. If so, you're in and will begin to see the various benefits of the Drive for Education program over the coming weeks.

In addition to unlimited storage, which supports individual file sizes up to a massive 5TB, the Drive for Education program includes Google Apps Vault for free (it's an add-on for Google Apps that lets you retain, archive, search, and export your organization's email for your eDiscovery and compliance needs), along with enhanced reporting and auditing tools.

Travis.. so much for our 1TB.. Once again Google leads the way leaving Microshaft to clean up the crumbs.

Pancake Effect

Only if Google could make something that can replace Office. And no..Google docs are not a "real' replacement. It's just a stripped down version of Office. Power users like myself can not function off of Google docs to make professional looking documents.

That's the only reason why I use skydrive is their 1TB storage and Office 365 combined together is almost too good to pass up.


Quite interesting but currently I used CloudBacko Cloud Storage which provide unlimited storage for every user and you don't have to install the Cloudbacko you can directly login from your social media account.