My 13' MBP with retina display is just over a month old. Paid $1,299 for it. It has 2.6GHz dual core i5 with 8GB of RAM, with a 128 GB hard disk. Was great fun to work with. But, about an hour ago, it has basically been throwing beach balls at me. LOL.

Everything is so damn slow. I tried restarting it and deleting stuff off the hard disk because my friend said the hard disk was too full. It only had 7 GB of free disk space but I have brought it up to 23 GB free disk space after some deleting and cleaning up.

Still having performance issues though. Have restarted several times? Can anybody suggest a fix. Really disappointed about this. I basically bought a Mac because I was told that they are extremely stable. Otherwise, I loved my Windows desktop. Almost regretting this purchase now :(


I hope I have waited enough to bump this thread but just wanted to share a

solution that I found for this slow performance problem on my MacBook Pro. I

read this post on a blog about how to fix a slow MacBook Pro and did something

called SMC and PRAM reset.

I am not sure what fixed the problem but my MBP is back to normal. I could

actually even say that it is a bit faster than before! I did more research and

it seems like SMC reset is a fairly common fix and that Apple actually routinely

hands it out as technical advice for their Macs, especially their laptop