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Samsung SSD 845DC EVO Solid State Drive ReviewIt was about a year ago that we first took a look at the Samsung SSD 840 EVO series of solid state drives. If you recall, those drives featured a new controller and the latest generation of Samsung’s TLC NAND flash memory, which allowed the company to offer the SSD 840 EVO series at very competitive prices, despite their relatively strong performance.

Those the SSD 840 EVO series of drives was originally designed for client-PC applications, Samsung has since evolved and refined the design and deemed it suitable for read-centric enterprise applications. The Samsung SSD 845DC EVO series of drives we’ll be showing you here offer many of the same features as the 840 EVO series, but performance has been optimized for enterprise workloads and power loss protection is now built-in...

Samsung SSD 845DC EVO Solid State Drive Review


Samsung is the strongest in the SSD department by far IMO. I have an 840 EVO 256 Gb SSD in my rig, and it makes everything incredibly fast. I only have my OS and a few games on it and they all run lightning quick. My bootup takes 10 seconds or less. If this is any better I strongly reccomend it.


Makes me weep a little that in the comparison charts the EVO 840 does not feature at all or anything from OCZ/toshiba

Marco C

840 EVO and OCZ/Toshiba drives are for client workloads, hence we compared this drive to other enterprise-class products.


Would have been nice to see a comparison between client and enterprise drives. Just like how in earlier SSD tests there always used to a WD raptor thrown in for comparison.