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Hey guys I'm about to build my first rig. Since I'm on a pretty tight budget, I want to get the latest so I won't have to upgrade for a while. My question is, shud I wait for the broadwell and maxwell, or shud I just go for it right now? I'm planning on getting the i5 4690 and gtx 770 and I want at least 2 and 1/2 years with no upgrading. Do u think those 2 will last me that long if I want to play all the latest bf games, or do I need to get the next gen tech?


Considering I s[censored]zed aboue 5 good years out of my e8500 core 2 duo... I think the i5 will be fine for  a few years.

BUT... I would drop the extra 15 to 20 dollars and get the K (unlocked) so you can overclock it and s[censored]ze a bit more performance.

You will be fine to play BF4 and Hardline with that setup.


What are the rest of your system choices?



should last you multiple years without upgrades. Both the CPU and GPU are high-end. I had a 6850 and an i5 from 2010, both lasted me until late 2013, and they were both low-end when I bought them. As long as you are willing to play on low-medium graphics in a few years they will last you for about 4-6 years of playing games. You have to think about the consoles. If your hardware is more powerful than the console hardware than it should last at least as long as the consoles. So you are good with those parts. Also, It would be smart to go with the 4690k as StaticFX said.

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