lol brainwashed by the media


what's less expensive, paying electric bill to charge your car or paying $3.65 for a gallon of



Electric is cheaper, factoring in average electric rates, you can drive a gallon of gasoline worth on an electric car for about 1.10$. Even cheaper if you can take advantage of night rates.

Also, charging on Tesla superchargers is free for life with purchase of the car.


Can't say im a big fan of electric cars so this doesn't really excite me.


That is a great price! Half the the Model S. But the naming is weird. One is a number, the other is a letter. There were rumors that it would be model E or something. And there was a joke about a model X.


That's pretty reasonable. Electric cars are the future for sure, but I agree that the charge stations need to be available at pretty much every gas station and it needs to take only a couple minutes or less. Until the, hybrid is the way to go so you have the option of switching over to gas on long trips.


It's interesting to me that people in this thread talk about "not liking electric cars". Tesla's whole goal is to debunk the myths and concerns about it and that was first established by making an electric car that looks like something you'd actually want to drive.

I don't know where they specifically do talks but they did one at my college a couple of years back and it's pretty convincing. The model S was super roomy, no clunky engine left you with tons of storage space in your "trunk" (which is actually under the hood of the car), and even had a linux-based control panel for music, GPS, and whatever else you could possibly want. I got to ride in it and it's of course super quiet and a very "clean" feeling ride. You could fall asleep it's so nice.

I feel like a fanboy but though I personally won't have one of these any time soon, the idea is pretty cool and I definitely think Tesla's on to something big with this.