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LinkedIn is focused on being a bona fide social network, and to that end the company has created a new iPhone app called LinkedIn Connected that promises to “take the work out of networking”, according to a LinkedIn announcement.

“Connected gives you relevant, and timely, reasons to reach out and keep in touch with the people in your network,” reads the post penned by the company’s David Brubacher. The app can alert you to various happenings concerning people in your network, such as when they switch jobs or have a birthday.

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It uses a card-like interface to make it easy to see quick info about people, and with anticipatory computing features and a synced calendar, you can get push alerts for learning more about your contacts before you, for example, step into a meeting with them.

LinkedIn made no mention of an Android version of the app.

Right now, this isn't too different than the notifications and emails you get from LinkedIn as it is, and things that probably should've been part of the primary application in the first place for some time.

I think it'll have potential to impress as they continue iterating on the app with the use of iBeacon or Geolocation technology to give you a head's up on who's nearby your network throughout your day via notifications and etc.

As it is today, I'm skeptical of it being as useful as one would hope it to be based on the headline of this article and their aims of it giving people timely reasons to reach out to people.