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Previously, Apple’s least expensive Intel Haswell-based iMac was the 21.5-inch version with a quad-core Intel Core i5 (2.7GHz) that started at $1,299, but the Cupertino company has bumped the bottom line down a bit with a new model that costs $1,099.

Apple tends not to skimp on specs with its pricey machines, but the company surely had to make some sacrifices on hardware to push that price down. So what were the concessions?

Apple iMac

Simply compared to the aforementioned $1,299 iMac, the $1,099 version has a dual-core Core i5 clocked at 1.4GHz instead a quad-core chip at 2.7GHz. It has half the storage (500GB versus 1TB), and it has Intel HD Graphics 5000 instead of Intel Iris Pro Graphics (or discrete NVIDIA graphics like the rest of the iMac line).

Further, it appears that although the new model also has 8GB of RAM, it’s not upgradeable and is a single DIMM instead of two 4GB DIMMs like the other iMac models.

The new iMac will surely post solid performance, and it’s nice to see the line with a more affordable model, but you have to wonder how much more you’d get by spending just $200 more on the next level up.

$1000 for a dual core with no GPU is affordable?!?!?!?!!!

From a pure specs viewpoint this isn't exactly good, sure its aesthetics and all in one and whatnot but yeah.. No.


It's like buying a Corvette with a Malibu engine to grocery shop in.

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Dropping the price makes this affordable? For who!? $200 never made or broke anyone. And at $200 less it feels like you are getting a machine with $500 in parts and upgrades missing. Anyone looking for a cheap iMac should not consider the new model it is a total waste just save for another month if you have to and spend $200 more!


I'd disagree that $200 is not a big deal. That's a lot of scratch for a lot of folks.

That said, totally agree that it seems expensive for these comparatively weak specs.

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Seth; what happened to your account??

And I didn't mean $200 is nothing, it is even for me, but when you are looking to spend $1000, =/- another $200 at that point isn't that big of deal. Basically if you NEED to save $200 that bad you might as well save $400 and buy a windows PC that is way more powerful than this. But saving $200 yet losing $400 in parts and it is still $1k doesn't sound like something someone on a tight budget should be purchasing, and if you aren't on a budget you shouldn't be considering this new crap model any way. I just don't see what market dropping $200 opens up for apple. 


I just built my friend a PC the other day with a Core i5 4670k, 8GB of Ram, 1TB HDD and a 750Ti for like $800. Apple is smoking crack if they think a dual core i5 clocked at 1.4GHz , 8GB of Ram, 500GB HDD and intel integrated graphics is worth $1100.