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Apple CEO Tim Cook toured an Austin, TX facility that manufactures the new Mac Pro, and his crew predictably used the visit as a photo op, snapping an image of Cook peering over the shoulder of a worker soldering something and posting it on Twitter.

“Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday,thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise,” reads the Twitter post.

Tim Cook Windows

However, a number of people noticed something humorously off about the photo: The computers in the background appear to be running Windows. Thus, it would seem that Apple is using Windows software to help create its Mac Pro machines.

It’s more of a simple PR gaff than anything else, but it’s still funny any time a company is spotted using a competitor’s product--especially when the CEO of one of those companies is in the shot.

Did you really think CNC machines and other tooling equipment would really have Mac OS X drivers come on now, they're stuck in 2000


again macs are for music editing, video editing, and lazy people. pc's are for everything else.

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John: why can't you edit music and video, or do photo work on Windows just as well as on a Mac? other than that I agree with you!


Macs do all sorts of stuff. Windows does it too.

 Just depends on what you like.

I really liked editing my photos on my iMac, but my son needed it for school, so he has it now.

Photoshop is OK I guess.

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I find absolutely no difference working with audio, video, or images on my OSX Mavericks or my Windows8.1. Photoshop works EXACTLY the same on both OS's as do all other programs. I think Photoshop is known to launch slightly faster on a Mac but once open what is the difference between the 2 versions? Nothing. Mac's are NOT for video, audio, or images those are common misconceptions. For an OS to be better at something than another OS it actually has to be better at at something and not just advertised towards certain tasks! If you work in the world of media and you think you need a Mac you are probably not good at your job. Mac = Windows however the latter of which has always had a lot more options where it comes to the software. 


Back "in the day" the Mac was known for being superior to the PC for video and audio productions. With current technologies and advancements I tend to agree with sevags in that there is not much of a difference ny longer.

I do think that the driver world is much more current with the PC world than Apple products for use in factories and such.


No, everything that has to do with content creation and web development is better on a Mac.

Apple also has a far better relationship and openess to support third-party companies associated with design, something they hold strong value in, towards making their software and hardware better on a Mac.

You can't even preview gifs well or preview PSD out-of-the-box on a Windows Machine. Windows is flawed not being a Unix-based OS.

You can't properly use a lot of things on Windows beyond gaming better than a Mac. 

Only tasks that are more dependent on hardware horsepower that a person is unlikely to have on a Mac more than a high-end Windows machine (because Apple believes in a closed eco-system). These differences are not because of the OS. 

At the same time, most know better to get Linux at that point unless the video-editing/CAD software only runs either on Mac or Windows.

At the same time, Apple has had those people covered pretty well except arguably the Mac Pro due to how limited your expansion opportunities are with that machine.

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Kevin; sorry bud but you are are dead wrong and need to learn a little more about the 2 different platforms before you claim one is better than the other. The truth is they are the same. How is content creation and web development easier on a Mac? it isn't it is exact the same the same features the same performance the same exact outcome. 

You are right that Apple does maintain a relationship with certain companies like Adobe yet in the end Adobe products perform exactly the same on both OS's. 

You can't preview gifs on a windows machine? That is the first I have EVER heard of this, I have never needed to install anything extra to view a gif. PSD files make sense as you should have photoshop if you are opening psd files. 

"most know better to get linux" immmmmm, HUH!? first you are arguing that content creation is better on a Mac and now you are saying it is better on Linux!?? An OS that has almost no mainstream content creation support??

Sorry Kevin but you are dead wrong about it all. Now before you go on with your non-sense, I am typing this on a 2013 upgraded Macbook Air running BOTH OSX Mavericks and windows 8.1. I have some of the same programs installed on both sides and let me tell you there is NO difference! There is almost nothing I can do on one that I can't do just as well on the other. I find that windows has a LOT more options for software which also vary greatly in cost, options are always amazing. I have also found that watching video through HDMI or wirelessly is MUCHHHH better on windows since OSX for some reason really F's up the resolution/aspect ratio while Windows makes the image fit flawlessly. Where OSX shines is easy of use in every day tasks like web surfing, and much better navigation than Windows. Once you load the same program on either OS though they go back to being the same.