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Microsoft took the wraps off of its new, much-rumored Surface Pro 3 at an event in New York City today, and the key takeaway as far as Microsoft is concerned is that this tablet (when paired with the new Type Cover and pen) is designed to replace your laptop. And, for that matter, your tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 offers a relatively large (for the form factor) 12-inch display with a native resolution of 2160x1440 and with what the company claims is the highest contrast ratio in industry. The Surface Pro 3 is just 9.1mm thick and weighs only 800g, and it features a perimeter vent and re-engineered fan that allows it to cool 30% more efficiently than the Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 3 comes in three configurations, alternately running a 4th-gen Intel Core-i3, i5, or i7 processor, with Intel HD Graphics 4400; 4GB or 8GB of RAM; and 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of on-board solid state storage.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Both the front and rear cameras are 5MP, and both offer 1080p HD capture.

The Surface Pro 3 also has front-facing speakers that are 45% louder than the Surface Pro 2's, and it has a pen for input and USB 3.0, too. Other ports include a microSD card reader, headset jack, and mini DisplayPort. The kickstand starts at the familiar 22-degree angle, but it can extend all the way to 100 degrees in what Microsoft calls Canvas Mode. When poised on your lap, the new Type Cover features a full-length magnet that attaches to the Surface's bezel, where it connects to the screen for better stability.

The Type Cover itself is even thinner than before, and it features a 68% larger trackpad with slicker surface than the Surface Pro 2's trackpad (according to MS, friction has been reduced by 78%).
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft is proud of its new pen as well. The stylus is designed to feel just like a pen, and the screen’s 3:2 aspect ratio is more like a sheet of paper. You can use your own handwriting on the screen, and the software will actually convert it to digital text. The pen offers low latency input, and because the display layer is so thin, it eliminates parallax--which makes it "feel" like you're actually writing on the glass. And all your notes are backed up in OneNote in the cloud.

Other notable factoids about the Surface Pro 3 include the fact that it can survive drops (Panos Panay actually dropped one on the [carpeted] stage from shoulder height); it has 15-20% better battery life than the Surface Pro 2; and the dock lets you output to 4K displays.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 starts at $799 and goes on sale tomorrow, although you can preorder starting now. We’ll have more hands-on coverage and a full review soon, so stay tuned.

They also advertised next gen graphics and look how well that replaced my laptop.


Great product, but their operating system refusing to be POSIX compliant stops it from being a laptop replacement, especially for web professionals.


It'll only replace my Laptops if I can install Linux on it!! No company is going to force me to use their OS....

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A good laptop can be used (with keyboard) comfortably in your lap, If it's like mine, the laptop will have twice the memory, 3x the storage, a bigger screen, 3x more powerful graphics, connectors this thing's missing, and a longer battery life to boot. And, that laptop costs hundreds less than the highest-end Surface Pro 3 to which I was comparing it.

I don't see any appeal in these things, unless your name is Brewster and you only have 30 days to get rid of your cash.


Bigger screen and only 800grams DAM!!! that's awesome.


Yeah, not happening. My laptop may be an old HP but it does the job. And it only cost me $40.


Laptop is believable (as long as there is a suitable keyboard) - but no mobile device will ever trump a desktop of the same generation.


No optical drive, less processor power, less memory, less hard drive space, less graphics power, and POS operating system = no way this thing will replace my laptop.


I would love a Surface Pro 3... But I need to upgrade my primary machine well before I consider upgrading my craptastic laptop.


By your same (wrong) assessment 99.9% of all laptops (Darwin isn't fully POSIX compliant and only OSX Mavericks is) ever made ARE NOT LAPTOPS! Unless of course you use Windows Services of UNIX or program in Cygwin/MinGW.

Not to mention POSIX standard doesn't even have to do with web, rather platform development.

For the vast majority of users, including desktop programmers like myself, the surface IS a laptop replacement based on hardware alone.


Joe, unless you have a "laptop" that uses a 45W i7 chip with 860m or better graphics and 16gb+ of memory and 1tb SSD, then you're flat out crazy. The middle of the road i5+8gb ram w/ 256gb ssd is better than the average laptop sold in the US, and actually faster than most ultrabooks of the same price.

Personally the last time I used the dvd drive on my laptop was when I wanted to copy windows disk images to a usb stick!


I should have made clear my higher level argument: Windows OS and its internals won't allow it to be comparable to the experience you'd get from an OSX andLinux if you are a person remotely interested in Information Technology, and it's an increasingly larger demographic for a product like this. 


 POSIX compliant is critical for those who do things related to web development. There's a reason why very important tools and libraries critical for web development today such as Tmux. RVM, and etc.

It's common knowledge, you're doing yourself a huge disservice using Windows instead of Linux or OSX for web development. 

Given the fact even front-end design and development expectations expect people to be more involved with code than ever before instead of static images to be more efficient, Windows terminal is completely underpowered compared to Linux and OSX. It's insufficient and yet they continue to do things their own way with no benefit.

Try enrolling to any serious web development or web design program with a Windows laptop expecting to use it throughout the program; at best, you're far more inefficient than your peers and often can't use what they can to be far more proficient web developers. .