The Vapochills are actually the same concept that they are touting for use in cars, to eliminate all the moving parts.

The gases react to the heat and chemically react in the reverse direction and cool in a cycle that is based on the amount. This is actually a great application for this chemistry. The main problem they might have is to be the most effective, it will have to be mounted on the board vertically, and most cases have the Motherboard mounted sideways.


I am an RC builder, and a mini air conditioning unit is totally possible. I just haven't met anyone who would take the time to  build mini compressors, evaporator cores and High pressure lines? If you visit a good RC shop, the tech is there to make it possible. There is just to many questions as far as reliability and condensation.  Plus if you had a liquid like R134 and a line  bursts it would be very flammable and probably turn your PC into a exploding gas tank 😛 You would also have to have some material like Titanium to use as the CPU sink, to make sure that it wont build up moisture. And I don't know anyone who is working with molded Titanium who can build a high pressure heat sink for me.


I think I remember these guys actually trying something like that a long time ago, but I cant be sure. Yet seriously how fast do you really need to go.  These things are usually done for fun by people who have alot of time and money on their hands.  They are about as fun as Robot wars, and just about as useful in the innovation of new tech.

Damn wonder if that AMD processor would beat a 980X @ 5ghz. 

Always had a question about using liquid nitrogen... How often would you have to add in some and how long could you go with 1 liter of liquid nitrogen?

Imagine creating a system where you wouldn't have to manually add nitrogen but rather let it do it by itself. Just like how we have watercooling loops maybe we could have liquid nitrogen loops xD

And something like a Vapochill is too much really. I mean you could fit the whole thing internally in the bottom portion of a Lian Li V2100B but I'm not sure how it handles overclocks and condensation.


YA... i don't think that will happen any time soon(NEVER)... lol. The nitrogen evaporates fast so you would have to keep adding and no one really needs this for a computer you use everyday.


thats never gonna work if u close circuit a ln2 loop ur computers gonna explode bro. also i got my phenom ii x4 965 overclocked to 4.0ghz on air cooled lol


Weren't they using Liquid Helium at one competition last year?


yea at vegas that was sick to see the cpu get to -140c..... i mean -240c


MCSE wrote:

genius work

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Cooling down the system to -50 C, is too much. Why to cool down the system so much? Any article? 


hitech wrote:

Why to cool down the system so much?

They are trying to achieve records for the world's fastest computers in speed tests. In order to get their CPU's to run at superfast speeds, they have to be able to cool everything down so that they do not burn up their electronics with the heat that is generated by operating at such high speeds. It get's hot in these computers because they have to apply much more electrical power to them.

The colder temperatures that they can get to with their methods, make it easy for them to add more power to the system without burning it up. Then the computer operates at extremely high speeds and they may achieve a computer world speed record.

See Here

Many people overclock their home PC's to achieve better performance, but they do it on a much smaller scale, with methods that are safe, and not as radical. You must realize that if you overclock your PC incorrectly, you can destroy it.


The specs that go into contests like these sicken me. i go green wit envy every single time. the very best thing you can have i one room with not alot of use. what would they use those for, gaming? not likely.



The very best of the best attend these sorts of competitions i wish i had been in attendance. i bet intel has an idea of how to get past these marks, but 6.5 ghz is incredible, i believe in 4 years it will be like the i-7 is today.


Now we know... When Skynet takes over, its capital city will either be in antartica, or next to an LN2 manufacturing plant. Send John Connor!


suped up computers and liquid nitrogen=total awesome sauce


Proper Ventilation is the one of the most important feature every electronic boards needs to use.