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Microsoft is getting into the smart devices business. The company’s BUILD conference is happening this week in San Francisco, and it appears that someone at Microsoft made a new “Windows on Devices” website live before they were supposed to, because it was only up for a few hours (and somehow The Verge spotted it) before it was taken down early this morning.

The link now just leads to an error page. When it was up, the site reportedly said that the company was "bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices”, giving the examples of a smart coffee mug, a talking bear, and robots--which kind of sounds like an April Fools prank.

Windows on Devices

On the other hand, a Windows on Devices effort would jibe with Microsoft’s projects. For example, it’s widely assumed that the company is developing wearables such as a smartwatch, and we’ve already seen what sort of terrific tech Microsoft can develop with its “blades” for the Surface.

Further, Microsoft is reportedly using Intel’s intriguing Galileo development board and Quark SoC to power some of its smart devices. Could we be learning of a strong Microsoft push into the IoT market within the next couple of days?

i was trying to watch... but it gets a little boring and drawn out. Cortana (MS version of Siri) was cool.. and some of the windows apps are cool... but I would hate to lose all the $ invested in stupid itunes! lol

some 8.1 features coming (april 8th) look good - more mouse/kb tweaks!


The Robot Powered By Galileo #DataMonster was impressive to see watched some of the video myself though personally I expected the robot to be a tad fancier..... the impression of the behavior was Good but not perfect of course for starters...thus it could gather sources via internet