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Apple may have found another source of revenue, one that would stem from customers who own out-of-warranty products and are in need of technical assistance. Rumor has it Apple will soon start charging these users for online chat support using a brand new web payment system it recently developed. It could be introduced as early as this week.

That's according to 9to5Mac, which says the new payment system will also allow users to schedule repairs and replacements. Out-of-warranty support will require a "pay per incident" fee, or users can opt to purchase an extended warranty through AppleCare. Either way, these users will no longer be able to access online chat support for free as they've been able to do up to this point. Customers whose devices are still within their warranty period will continue to receive chat support at no additional charge by heading over to

Apple Store

Apparently this is something Apple has been wanting to do for some time now, but it had to develop an online payment system first. Now that it has, paid chat support can become a reality. Apple will charge users $19 for a single incident of basic tech support and troubleshooting, though at least initially, users will have the option of requesting an exception to the fee. It's not yet known how Apple will determine who qualifies for an exception, though 9to5Mac says AppleCare employees have been told to grant them in all cases where they're requested.

yeah... sounds liek that dirty rotten no good company


If you're actually calling apple about an issue with your device you're an idiot. If its broken then take it in to get it fixed, otherwise google it. It costs money to have people sit there and answer phone calls from people who call over not knowing how to use their device. If it's out of warranty, then it has been around long enough for people to have similar issues. USE a search engine, that's why they exist!


I agree with you Anthony but there are a lot of people who purchase apple products that don't know how to use computers very well and apple knows this. They are taking advantage of the consumer base they have to make more money. They paid extra money to get a product made by them and they know that their costumers would be willing to pay $19 for a simple fix, but to the average apple consumer its almost impossible to find out.