Hey all! I've been so busy this last year or two I've hardly kept up with anything tech. Good news is right as tax time is coming I'm slowing down at work and getting into a groove so I can finally get back to some gaming. I'm looking to upgrade my system, but I'm a little out of date on hardware news. 


Intel Core i5-2500K


16GBs DDR3 1600 (4 4GB sticks)

Nvidia 295x2

500GB 2.5in Western Digital Blue drive (Many I have bad luck with hard drives. Pulled this out of my netbook after my 1TB drive died)

Corsair 750TX Power supply

Windows 7/Linux Mint 16

3x 21.5" 1080p monitors.

I'm pretty happy with my CPU still. I have my watercooling set up that I'm not even using at the moment. So I should have some overclocking headroom in this guy. Same with my ram and mobo. I think I have another year on them.

Graphics cards are aging and use way to much power for how they run. Right now I'm using 2 of my monitors with just one in. I would like to upgrade to something that's not 6 years old. 

I also want a faster hard drive and a SSD. Looking for a good bit of space on my SSD. At least 128GBs. Price with end up dictating how big it will be. A 1TB hard drive should last me. I think 2TB plus are pretty cheap now though. 

My budget is around $1000 if it's worth going higher I can, but that's about were I wanna be. Just looking to be steered in the right direction. Thanks all!


Der Meister

I would stay away from the 2tb drives. If any thing just get two 1tb drives. I have a 128 SSD and 2 1tb wd black drives. its a great setup. 

I think you might be going a bit over kill on the GPU, but to each their own. 


My old hard drive was a 1TB WD Black. I wouldn't mind replacing it with the same. It was a great drive. 

As far as the GPU goes. The ones I have I got used from a friend. At the time I was still using my 8800GTS. These 295s are super power hungry, finicky in SLI, and slow to a crawl with DX11 games. I think if I got rid of these and went with a single card that could side grade even with these then I would be super happy. 

Der Meister

Yea the single card solution is by far the best. I like my 670, Id prob go for the same leve of card nedt time i get one. I have gone with the top end cards in the past but the step down from the top end is where the $ per performance is the best imo


I bought a pair of EVGA GTX-680 2GB cards from a friend for $160.00 each not long ago. I was gonna use them in SLI, but ended up putting one of them in each of the two i7-2600K systems that I have.

The performance is awesome and the price was very good for me.