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Looking to start your own personal studio? Your own podcasting network? No need to spend a fortune -- Samson's got your back. The company has just revealed the Studio GT Pro, which will be sold exclusively at Best Buy. The package includes studio monitors, condenser mic, and music production software, which sounds like just about everything you'd need to convert your computer room into a complete music production studio.

The pair of monitors include 4.25-inch magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofers and 1-inch silk dome high frequency drivers, and they ship with 2x20-watts of power. There's also a USB audio interface, which bodes well for heavy PC users. In addition to the studio monitors, each bundle includes Samson’s C01 studio condenser mic, which could be used for both speech and musical recording. All that for $249? Not too bad, we don't think.

Samson Unveils Studio GT Pro, Available Exclusively at All Best Buy Locations

Includes studio monitors, condenser mic, and music production software, providing everything you need to turn your computer into a complete music production studio

Hauppauge, NY – (April 26, 2011) – Samson announces the Studio GT Pro with nationwide availability exclusively at Best Buy stores. Studio GT Pro provides everything you need to produce professional, studio-quality recordings from your computer. Unique to Best Buy, the Studio GT Pro bundle is available now for $249.

Moving beyond the boundaries of typical studio monitors, Studio GT combines exceptional monitoring performance with a USB audio interface. With 4.25-inch magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofers and 1-inch silk dome high frequency drivers, these active monitors provide professional and accurate monitoring. Equipped with 2 x 20 watts of power, Studio GT provides the same precise reproduction of highs and lows that you would expect from Samson monitors, but with the added convenience of a USB audio interface.

In addition to the studio monitors, each bundle includes Samson’s C01 studio condenser mic. Great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and drums, Samson’s C01 is accurate and detailed with a warm bass and extended top end. The mic’s large 19mm diaphragm produces a smooth flat frequency response. It also features a heavy gauge mesh grill, a gold-plated XLR connecter, an LED for indicating 48V phantom power and a swivel stand mount. An optional SP01 shockmount is also available.

Studio GT Pro’s bundled pack also includes Cakewalk® Sonar LE music production software. Cakewalk® provides enhanced control over your creations, making home recording easy and professional. With the versatile recording and monitoring solutions provided by Studio GT, it has never been easier to turn any Mac or PC into a complete music production studio.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing this bundled pack exclusively to Best Buy stores,” says James Tsaptsinos, Vice President of Sales with Samson. “Best Buy customers can now get everything they need to start making hits at home, all in one package.”

This is truly sad- and let me explain why.

For one- this package a 'bargain' system, and by 'bargain' I mean so cheap an actual professional would NEVER be caught with this stuff.

Second- The fact that Samson (may as well be pyle, nady audio, or another crappy manufacturer) has a deal only with Best Buy- meaning Samson is going to screw over their actual dealers by under cutting them, and selling this stuff at Best Buy, etc.

All of you who are thinking about buying this- please understand, just like supporting Walmart/Best Buy/etc- you are hurting the actual dealers out there in the real world. In time- the walmart/best buy groups will be the only ones selling stuff because enough consumers have switched from dealer buys to crappy low cost junk like this.

Again- if you want to be a professional, and taken seriously- talk to someone who knows about audio. Not some high school kid working at best buy who will sell you this POS.

Lastly- this is an article on hot hardware? I guess based on the price it could prove useful, yes. But the idea that this 'package' is in some way 'hot' is laughable. Samson products are never used in professional applications regarding audio. You will see this stuff in places that got ripped off or can't afford quality- but make no mistake- there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HOT/or AMAZING about this package. Purchase at your own risk.


Additionally- as a dealer- I could sell you Yamaha MSP-7s @ 270.00....yes that is without a microphone....but these are mid-range studio monitors. That are far far far better than this Samson package. Just for a price compare-o, yamaha monitors @ 270 vs this package @249-

Now, can you see the quality difference?


Just from the picture the build quality and material's used to construct the casing of the mic and speakers looks cheap, it makes me wonder if material wasn't the only thing they cut corners on in order to make an inexpensive product.

It's hard to go "pro" or be successful with cheap equipment that wont last or perform against your competition in any industry and I think Samsons package just doesn't make the cut


I think you're missing the point of this product. It's clearly not meant for professionals, or even people who really care about audio. It's meant for all those people playing music and making podcasts on YouTube, as a step up from using their webcam audio. I can't imagine this having any impact on professional audio dealers or producers.


YEA YOU COULD SELL ME THAT AND YEA IT COULD BE BETTER But with out a mic which would be no less than 100$ and an interface which would be no less than 150$and to top that off i would need software which i would get the demo with my purchase of an interface in  some cases so i would be looking at a nice big whopping 150 for interface plus 100 for mic plus 270 and software for about 100$ so the total would be $625.00 wow you know what if i'm just starting out to just get a feel for the whole package i think i will start with a $249.00 bundle that gives me everything i need just to have fun and get a feel for things and then in the future i would purchase a better product at my local music store who offers professional studio equipment.but thanks for your input and suggestion.

                                                         P.S. not everyone understands this stuff and not everyone can afford professional stuff but for the moms and pops or average teen who just wants an all in one this is the way to go its cheap simple and all in one box.

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I'm sure people looking for a semi-professional setup will find themselves pretty pleased.

I myself however own one of their microphones... Specifically a Samson CO1U. I have the headphones and I could basically record music or podcasts if I wanted to... but right now it's just sitting there, unused.

Not planning to sell the mic though.


These are actually awesome. I dropped the power speaker off the table - still absolutely fine - build quality is fine!

Sound quality is a HUGE step up from the average speaker system and with the microphone you're good to go.

The soundie guys tried to sell me some Yamaha's but, you know what, side by side I heard no real difference at all.. basically, these days, whatever you produce will be heard on an iphone or Pc systems. These monitors are all you need... I love them to bits and had two awesome tracks recorded in 2 hours.. simple, stunning, and super easy to work with... they ARE brilliant .. and exactlt what you need to make the whole recording process less hassle .. get em..


Good price for this. It looks OK to me as to quality too.


Looking at this makes me sad my 30year old NAD 3020 amp died last night. I bought it from J&R with some of my 1983 Christmas money at the age of 11. The thing was an awesome tank over the years now I need to find something to power the Dayton non-powered bookshelf speakers on my main desktop computer. The speakers are 17 years old FWIW. Maybe I should seek out the same model amp on eBay or see what NAD has replaced it with.