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Apple 27-Inch iMac (Late 2013) Review, Haswell InsideIt's hard to believe there's a full fledged system packed inside Apple's slim and sexy iMac chassis. It was roughly a year ago when Apple revamped its all-in-one line, tasking the company's engineers to flatten the design as much as possible without sacrificing performance. What emerged was a sleek display measuring just 5mm at its edge with up to 40 percent less volume than the previous generation. It was such a radical design change that Apple had to abandon traditional welding methods in favor of a process called friction-stir welding, which combines friction-generated heat and pressure to force molecules from two separate aluminum surfaces to mingle with one another.

Apple's late 2013 edition iMacs are largely unchanged in external form, though they're upgraded in function with a revamped foundation that now pairs Intel's 4th Generation Core processors with NVIDIA's GeForce 700 Series graphics...

Apple 27-Inch iMac (Late 2013) Review, Haswell Inside


I really don't like the mac os or the price tag for what you get, however it does look nice.


"Boot Camp allows you to run Windows without a perforance hit"

Maybe that would be true if the drivers weren't absolute garbage, but as it stands there's a pretty significant impact in performance, especially if you include energy performance.


Nice going to pit the iMac using an i5 against machines using i7 processors. You should have gotten a fully equipped i7 Mac with a maxed out build.


Error spotted!

On the "Windows 7 Bootcamp" benchmark page, the Screengrab for "Futuremark 3DMark11" says the score was: P 3 0 6 8, but the bargraph says the score was 3 6 0 8. The 6 and 0 were switched, giving the Imac an even bigger lead. Schoolboy error! :P


Error noted and corrected. No need for the insults. It's called a typo and pros, as well as schoolboys make them. By the way, it's iMac, not "Imac." :P


Don't know where you're getting that information from, but it's just flat out wrong. There is no performance hit and the drivers are no different than any other Windows system -- Boot Camp creates a partition on which you directly install Windows. It's not a virtualized or otherwise emulated environment. Windows runs at full speed, just like on any other system.


Sorry Dave, that wasn't meant to be taken as an insult. On the Imac thing, I do it deliberately, I don't like Apple's misuse of capitalisation ;)


Hold-up, "schoolboy error!" was not meant to be an insult? I wonder. Is it proper to hyphenate the words "passive-aggressive"?


Screen looks beautiful. Looking forward to new res, will help alot.
Brother just wondering whether to upgrade, but screen not turning on. Looked at this site, anyone else had similar issues with these newer iMacs?
still looking forward to get a new one myself. 


Still for that price I could build a monster gaming PC. Like i said it just looks nice if you want to have a minimal looks and lets face it that's why people buy it.