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It appears that Intel, long an enabler of overclocking processors, wants to overclock everything, starting with SSDs. At September’s Intel Developers Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Intel scheduled a session that covers a number of overclocking topics, including “Demonstrating overclocking SSD technology”.

There’s virtually no information available as to what exactly that means, but Alan Frost, marketing communications manager for Intel told ComputerWorld that “"This is a product we're looking into but we have not released yet. So I'm not able to go into great detail about a future product ... as far as specs and such."


It appears, though, that an SSD overclocking tool would let users adjust the percentage of the SSD that is used for data compression. Still, discussions are ongoing at a high level, so it’s possible that the session would coverage more theoretical overclocking capabilities as opposed to revealing an actual product.

Intel DC S3700 SSD
Intel DC S3700 SSD

The session, which is titled “Overclocking Unlocked Intel Core Processors for High Performance Gaming and Content Creation” will also cover topics on overclocking Intel Core i7-4xxx processors on X79 chipset platforms, live overclocking demos using hardware and software, a live demo overclocking the Intel Core i7-4xxx Extreme Edition processor, and a demo of the AppTune beta (which is based on Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility).

I don't know, something tells me I don't want to OC my SSD and risk my data. :)


Keep your data on a big fat 2TB storage drive and run your applications on the SSD. Bada bing, bada boom. Worst case, you're reinstalling.


Yay! They're finding something else to sell the masses "unlocked" for 50 extra bucks! Gotta love Intel.


LoganFarr wrote:

Yay! They're finding something else to sell the masses "unlocked" for 50 extra bucks! Gotta love Intel.


Just like they tried to do with CPUs    There are plenty of other SSDs that go fast right out of the box, one of those.