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AMD 2013 A & E-Series Kabini and Temash APUsAMD has been pretty open about discussing certain product in the roadmap. In fact, we've disclosed a number of details regarding the main products we'll be talking about in this article, Kabini, Temash, and Richland over the last few months.

It was all the way back at CES that we first showed you Kabini, Temash, and Richland-based products in action in a number of prototype notebooks at tablets from Vizio, HP, Asus and others. And AMD actually talked about the foundation of two these products (Kabini and Temash)-its Jaguar CPU core microarchitecture-at Hot Chips in April of last year. If you're unfamiliar with Kabini and Temash, they are the codenames given to AMD's next-gen, low-power APUs targeted at notebooks and ultra-mobile form factors. Kabini and Temash are not simple updates to existing products, however. They feature newly designed CPU cores fused to a Graphics Core Next-based GPU, and are designed to improve performance considerably, while also operating at lower power...

AMD 2013 A and E-Series Kabini and Temash Mobile APUs


Awesome article Marco, I always like it when you guys break down the technical improvements in new upcoming cpu's and gpu's. Plus, ive been looking forward to these APU's for a while now. Cant wait to get a 12" hybrid tablet with the A6-1450 powering it. I just hope AMD doesnt get screwed by OEMs. I know they want to keep prices low, but it would be nice to see some of AMD's more interesting targeted devices in a higher quality product. Anyway...enough ranting. Great article, i look forward to hearing more about these new low end APU's once they can be seen in the wild.


AMD's APUs have been a good deal from the very start.

I liked the article too Marco.


I fall in love with AMD 2 years ago lol, now 2 have 2 pc with AMD Athlon cpu and  1 mobile phone with AMD cpu too :)


Are they not gonna release any boards with this new APU? I've built several with the bobcat APU and its great for replacing the old P4s out there, better performance while using less power under load than a P4 does at idle and it would be great if I could get the quad versions for a price close to what the bobcats have been going for.


i am using AMD since 1999 and now i have my lovely APU based ASUS K53TA AMD A6 and a desktop Phenom X3 . i always prefer to buy AMD .. i am in Pakistan but i just say AMD is the better choice over intel not only low price but AMD's architecture is totally different from intel and superior, that's why AMD APU s are become so much powerful ..


Something to finally upgrade my pentium D945 :)


Samsung's ATIV Series 9 Lite runs on the A6-1450 Temash processor and looks to be a strong competitor against MacBook Air at much less cost and with touch capability! With SSD, you probably won't even notice a performance difference for daily tasks compared to Intel's core processors.