My predictions were correct. The 8500 128mb, 8500 64mb, and the 8500LE 128mb have been retired. They have been removed from the ATI product roster and moved to the "legacy" (no longer in production) section. Check it out here.

The only 8500 based cards still in production seems to be the AIW 8500, AIW 8500DV, and the 8500LE 64mb. The 8500LE 64mb will most likely be retired soon too.

ATI announced a while back that they were going to slowly replace the 8500 series with the new 9000. It seems this is happening already. There will (of coarse) still be support for the 8500s. So if you want a ATI built 8500, get it now when there is still stock left!


I had to bumP this cause so many people are asking about whats the best value card. Simple answer is, 8500. Well, at least until it's no longer in stock (which is ganna be soon).
That sucks! I used to have a Radeon 8500, but I sold it to upgrade to a Ti4600... and now I'm selling the Ti4600 to upgrade to the Radeon 9700 :rolleyes:

Anyhow, the Radeon 8500 is fantastic. I have to say, I thought the image quality was way better on the 8500 than on the GeForce 4. But the Ti4600 does a much better job with games, which is why I upgraded.

Honestly though, the Radeon ran every game I had, on maxed settings, with no problems whatsoever. I was just being greedy (like I am doing now again).
All the Ti's are faster than the 8500. But Ti's don't have Rage Theater. Not to mention the price difference! :eek:
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