Is Radeon 9700 pro compatible with AGP pro slots? or does it have to be AGP 8x? Im trying to decide what mobo to get and only a few of them supports AGP 8x...
Will work in any AGP slot.

Does not need AGP Pro.

Does not need 8x AGP - in fact there is currently no speed improvement in using such AND there are compatability issues.

The R9700Pro is a very good choice.

What other features do U need on your mobo?? - there are some very good kt333 boards arround but kt400 is a bit dodgy and is not any faster.

Whatever you get be sure to get Corsair XMS PC3200 memory and a good PSU like an Enermax 431W unit.

Abit / Asus / Epox are the mobo makers to take seriously.

ABIT KT7-333 / Abit AT7-MAX2 / ASUS A7V333 / ASUS A7S333 / ASUS A7V8X / Epox EP-8RGA+ / Epox EP-8RDA+ / Epox 8k7a

are all good boards
ABIT KX7-333R :cool:
Is pc3200 compatible with KT333 chipsets? i thought they were ddr 400 memories
Memory chips don't have their own clock's PC3200 would be fine in a KT333 board - but it would run @ PC2700 speeds, anyway Corsair XMS PC3200 is the best memory whatever speed you want.

The new Epox boards are based on nForce - which fully supports 8x AGP and PC3200