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If you're rocking an iPhone or iPad device and use Google+, head over to the App Store and grab the latest update. Version 4.4.0 brings about a bevy of new features, though the primary focus was placed on enhancing and managing photos, including a new feature that's quite literally Awesome. No joking, that's what Google is calling it (as you may recall from Google I/O).

Actually, it's called Auto Awesome, which is a name for the tool used to "create fun extra photos for you." What it does is combine multiple burst images (five or more) to, say, create a motion GIF (pronounced "jif," in case you're wondering) or a brand new photo, such as a panorama.

Google Plus App

The newest version also adds:
  • Auto Backup
  • Highlight
  • Enhance
  • Related hashtags at the top-right of indvidual posts
  • Ability to edit comments and display strikethrough text
  • More complete profile editing via mobile, including your cover photo
  • Ability to copy a post's permalink to your clipboard

It's quite the update that ups the ante in the photo wars, which is playing a huge part in social media these days. And don't worry if there's a feature you don't like, as any/all of these can be turned on or off in the Settings menu.