Question: What percentage of the $800.00 should go to the lap-top and what percentage should go for up-grades and future expand-ability in order to get the best bang for my buck (You know doing some home build myself)? I want to get the most powerful laptop for the money. example: speed, hard drive speed and capacity ram speed and capacity for present and future upgrade. processor speed, motherboard screen resolution and any thing you think would be more important. What brand is best bang for buck? etc... 


Any help sure would be appreciate. I will be running adobe c6 and have 2 international websites. along with allot of other tech tool software. the total software I have in GB is 150 GB and plan to grow to 1 terabyte within the next year and one half. 


I run wireless G and it's fast and would like to keep it that way. 


Currently I have an Acer AOA 150 160 Mghz 1.5 GB ram 130 GB HD and 250 external HD. Should I sell any of these or integrate them with my new system? 





Thanks a Billion.


Yeah, I couldn't agree more.  The only thing I could think to get your price range down, would  be to get a laptop with a smaller hard drive and less amount of RAM.  That's about all you're going to be able to upgrade, unless they still sell those "desktop replacement" laptops with full sized GPU's in them.