Yeah the speakers will work as long as you have a power souce.  You can put them in your car if you wanted.


Okay I just want to use them with an aux cord for my iPhone to play music and that is my dilemma. If I got a better subwoofer how would I plug all the speakers in and where would I plug in an aux chord?


Well the issue with all that is, if you got a different sub woofer i'd imagine you'd need to get one of those receivers (is this the correct word?), to plug it all into, because I doubt the other subwoofers would have the 20 something pin D type connector that the logitech sub uses.  I could be completely wrong on this, but I don't know.  I do know you could use the speakers and separate sub with a home audio receiver to go with it, since those typically just speaker wire from the speaker to the receiver and then the receiver is powered by the wall.