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Wondering before I spend money if I got it at Christmas for AMD Peformance 16gb DDR3 memory sticks at Christmas, would it be worthwhile with my AMD APU A6-3620 PC?   Plus it's  Retail HP P6-2133W PC, so researching things before I decide if really gonna upgrade memory to full 16gbs the motherboard supports



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That computer already comes with 8GBs of ram...

What do you plan on doing with this computer that makes you think you will need 16GBs?


RAM usually has to do with the amount of things you're doing.
If you like to multi-task, more RAM is better.

I personally almost always have multiple documents and applications running on my computer along with a couple browsers and too many tabs to count.
8GB of RAM on the little lappy I've been using sometimes slows up and lags so I took advantage of upgrading to 16gb from a Black Friday deal for about $25

More RAM doesn't hurt and if you shop around and wait for a deal to pop up you can get it at an extremely good price. 

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OSunday wrote:

More RAM doesn't hurt

That's not always true... Larger sizes of RAM often mean high latencies as well. If responsiveness is what you want, then you should be looking for the fastest latencies you can find, regardless of RAM size. If you are actually going to do something that uses HUGE amounts of RAM and you need tons of bandwidth then you should be looking for RAM with high capacity and high speeds and latency is less of a concern.

If your computer is slowing down with 8GBs of RAM and you look in the task manager and see that you are not using all of your ram... then more RAM is not going to resolve you speed issues.


Well What I do daily on this Computer is PC Gaming, Some web stuff, Little bit of Office stuff, Music Listening,  Djing in Second life off and on, using Virtual Dj program, and having Second Life Viewer open at same time usually...

So I was thinking if I maxed out the ram, then i'd never have performance issues down the road,  This is an AMD A6-3620 Quad Core PC, with 8gbs of ddr3 ram, PC10800, I suppose I could stay with 8gbs and just get 12800 Speed 8Gbs of ram, and speed it up a little possibly, or I can forget upgrading ram now and wait til I really need it




I suspect you're using on-board graphics? This will dip into you RAM usage and often HDD swap.

1. Upgrading the RAM to 12800 or 14400 would not hurt. You can upgrade to the max of the board, but you may benefit from upgrading a few of the other things listed below.

2. Video card. Get a dedicated video card that supports. Based off the board, you'll lose any ON-board video options.

3. HDD to SSD. Cannot confirm if the board supports upto 6Gbps


Actually with this PC, I can get a compatible video card, and Dual Graphics it with My AMD APU Chip, provided I can afford that in the coming weeks, probably would get a Radeon 6570, which is highest possible that is compatible with this AMD A6 APU 3620 with Radeon 6530D

 Board does have Serial Ata 6gbps

PCI-E 16X slot available



Okay, I'm basing it on the details provided by the website. Could have read it wrong skimming through. =)



Crucial System Scanner detected Serial ATA I guess that's right, Chipset supposedly suppose to have 6gbs, so i'm guessing that's right for the moment...System Speed wise is not bad at all--a lot faster than my old Single Core System.     a Few improvements down the line, and will be perfect, Except only got room internally for 1 hard drive, so not sure how a SSD will fit, or where i'll put all my data lol as yet



That's not a bad idea, in the end you'll end up with performance of a mid range card for much less $

The only thing is that if it registers as a normal crossfire be aware that getting games and programs to take advantage and use both GPU's in crossfire can require some trouble shooting and require some work and elbow grease to get things running smoothly 


Well I'll decide later on, probably after Christmas or something, not gonna rush and do any major hardware upgrades I guess right now,  Memory wise upgrade i'll hold off on til I see more of a need for 16gbs of ram.   Right now 8gbs does perform well for all my needs...A lot of good suggestions in here for the future though, and I do understand will take some configuring if I ever do try the AMD Dual Graphics option...May do some more reading on proper setup of that prior to purchasing anything