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Alienware M17x R4 (2012), Ivy Bridge RefreshThe term “laptop” can only be loosely applied to the nearly 9.39-pound Alienware M17x--you don’t exactly want to have the thing perched on your lap for any extended period of time. But you know what? Who cares. The M17x is a powerful and (mostly) portable gaming rig, and Dell can call it anything they want; awesome by any other name is still awesome.

The M17x has been in Dell’s Alienware lineup for a while, but now it’s been refreshed with the latest and greatest in mobile components, packing an Ivy Bridge CPU, the Intel Core i7-3720QM, and the newest NVIDIA Kepler-based mobile GPU, the GeForce GTX 680M...

Alienware M17x R4 (2012) Review, Ivy Bridge and Kepler Refresh


(cough) contest (cough)

That's one sweet laptop! Love the lighting effects, and it has all the performance I need =)


i still like ratina macbook pro ~!

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Great review. One question:

I didn't see the $116 power-brick pictured in the review. Since I imagine you'll be carrying it with you everywhere due to the battery life, I'm curious as to how big/heavy it is. Is it surprisingly small, or is it like I picture: with wheels and an extendable handle for easy dragging?


Great review Seth. A bit disappointed that there wasn`t a 7970M to compare against though.

As for GTX 680M test, included Battlefield 3 and other games, there is a user that is testing it right now:

GTX 680M runs very cool even with huge overclock. A great GPU indeed


Alienware laptops are pretty bad Ive had countless problems with mine and they still won't send me a new one even though i have the warranty for it. You can make/customize a laptop from a no name company for cheaper and it will last the same amount of time. You are buying an Alienware for the looking and brand instead of the customer service and quality they used to provide before Dell bought them out. Wish i would have never bought it.

Owner of a M15x Alienware laptop.


The power brick only weights about 2-4 pounds i say but yes the battery life sucks with them. You can only go 2 hours with power saver and the ALienwar fx off.


I didn't see the $116 power-brick pictured in the review. Since I imagine you'll be carrying it with you everywhere due to the battery life, I'm curious as to how big/heavy it is


I notice the reviews are always the upgraded to the max versions, the ones the most of us can't afford.

The base model has only  a GTX 660m a 500GB HDD and 6GB of memory and only 1600x900 screen and is $1499.99 to start, I could build or have made a Supper Gaming Desktop or a great gaming laptop for far less than this.

Eye candy shouldn't cost that much more!


All the video through I was waiting for a game to be played, Like Stalker or whatever.

All those ports I see in the description!


It is not just Alienware! I just had a Toshiba Qosmio X775 880 great machine but I almost sent is back for the 5th time until corporate sent me a refurbished machine then month later I purchased the M17x. We only read more about the bad then the good replying about their satisfaction.


I have had my M17x R4 since May 2012. This is my third and best laptop I have ever had. I'm fan of Total War games and Guild Wars 2 and this rig can handle anything that comes up. I keep this on a laptop cooler with a 220mm fan and the Alienware fans only really kick in on Shogun 2 when fighting with large armies. Which puts more stress on the cpu than the gpu. The differents in the rig reviewed here and mine is that I have the Ivy bridge 3820 cpu, AMD 7970, and the 32ssd and 750 gb hard drives. If you travel and like to play games and don't mine carring a extra 15 lbs around (adding backpack and other nic nacks) this is the way to go.