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i know that this isn't da best place to ask 'bout this but i would like to know before i buy it what u guys think 'bout it and what u would change , im going to buy a new pc ( yea, my old pc can't play newest games :rolleyes: celeron 450 Mhz 64 Mb... ) so i chosed these components:

Asus GeForce 4 4600
512 Mb DDR
IBM 120 GB 7200 rpm
Creative soundblaster audigy platinum
Creative inspire 5300 5.1
Logitech wireless keyboard and mice ( optical )
"and the worst of all :eek: ...) the monitor its a Samtron 76 Flat
and other things...

please tell me wut ya guys think bout it all this for 1634 something like 1637/1632$
looks good to me!
if you're gonna get audigy, get better speakers. if you want good spkrs and are on a budget, try the logitech z560 or the altec lansing 641. they should be around 130 euro online or 150 elsewhere.

i have the logitech mouse/kb you're getting. very nice. mouse isn't as good for gaming as wired mice. but it still does nicely. i play cs, wc3 with mine, still good.

oh.. and IBM is going out of the consumer pc market, so i dunno if your HDD warranty will be that good.. and replacing it later will be a pain. go maxtor or something.
don't get the AMD XP ATHLON 2200+...

You would be better with a 2100+ or 2400+ or 2600+
I was gonna say that also. If you dont care about money go for the 2600+, it should be a huge upgrade over your current system. Otherwise it looks very neat.
if i were you i would go with the soundblaster live and get altec lansing atp5's