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Apple A6With the all the iPhone 5 leaks in recent weeks and months, Apple's going to have to reach far up its sleeve to pull something out if it hopes to surprise anyone. We know the iPhone 5 is going to have a larger touchscreen, smaller dock connector, and 4G LTE connectivity. It also seems likely Apple's next smartphone will sport an A6 processor.

Sonny Dickson, a 9to5Mac researcher and hacker, posted a photo to Twitter showing the iPhone 5's logic board containing an A6 chip.

Apple A6 - iPhone 5
Image Source: Sonny Dickson

"Yes, new iPhone will be an A6," Dickson succinctly stated.

Details of the A6 are still unknown at this time, but the smart money is on it being a quad-core processor, perhaps a derivative of Samsung's Exynos 4. The current iPhone 4S features a dual-core A5 chip, while the third generation iPad features an A5X processor with faster graphics.

The Iphone has some great things going for it, when it launches there will be some surprises, apple always has surprises.

We know, they are changing the connector size, we know the screen realestate is increasing, we know they are using the fastest chip apple can make, we know that the phone is going to be in 8, 16, 32 ,64 gb models (maybe not 😎

We don't know, what kind of new things they've done with the software, what if they outdid siri? we don't know the screen resolution, we don't know the wifi hardware its using, we don't know the battery life (it is going to be better when they get a bigger phone.) we don't know the gpu capabilities, we don't know if apple is going to try for a bezel-less display, or make it thinner or both.

Apple still has alot that we don't know, and they don't tip their hand they show one card and its usually not the best one.

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>> "Details of the A6 are still unknown at this time, but the smart money is on it being a quad-core processor, perhaps a derivative of Samsung's Exynos 4."

Samsung should charge them $1B to use their design.


Ohhh we dont know this we dont know that. When iphon 4 came out wer you elared by the sheer innovation of the device? It sucked! All this hype will be all for nothing coz all they are doing is upgrading the hardware. Pure innovation will be acheived by creating a unique hardware. And apple making it thinner would be copying motorola and samsung. And the cpu is based on samsungs? Hahah what irony. Ef apple. They piss me off. Only in america they can win. Crooks. When google sued them they wanted to talk. Hypocrits.

Marco C

I'm betting it's a dual-core. Going to be tough to maintain or improve battery life with that larger screen and a quad-core, and Apple's not about to release an iPhone with crappy battery life.

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I'll put my money with Marco. A slide in battery life would be just what people need to go "meh" to the Apple brand.


Seeing how a big part of iphone users are ones that don't know anything about the device specs itself, they are going to go wit what everyone says so ya Marcos assumption is high up there on the correct list :D


"The Iphone has some great things going for it" what like the iphone 4s... pfft please.


oops was meant to be here not reply to 3vi1


I could see a Quad, Why? Because most people these days think the more cores the better, which is not always the case! All the new phones coming out are rumoured or have a quad chip.

But hey, were talking about Apple here, if they have decided to keep the dual-core people will still buy the iPhone because of its bigger screen and 4G 😛 and whatever else it's gonna have that we don't know about yet.