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There's been a lot of talk and speculation about Amazon launching a 10-inch Kindle Fire device to compete directly with Apple's iPad, and with the e-tailer getting ready to unveil a new batch of Kindle models at an upcoming press event in September, it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that a 10-incher was on the way. As it turns out, Amazon may not be ready to enter the 10-inch space.

Word on the Web is that even though Amazon is most definitely working on a larger size Kindle Fire, the company's 10-inch version may not be ready for prime time. Instead, Amazon may opt to launch a marginally larger version of its popular tablet, perhaps in the range of 8 inches. If so, Amazon's next generation Kindle Fire device would be primed to compete with Apple's rumored iPad Mini device, which is said to be around 7.85 inches.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Whatever Amazon comes out with, this is an important launch for the company. Amazon is facing stiff competition in the 7-inch category from Google's recently launched and better equipped Nexus 7 tablet, and things are only going to heat up if Apple enters the space.

Do we really think that the existing Kindle users will like the upgraded size? Everyone I know who owns a kindle chose it over an iPad for the mobility its small size provides. I don't see many current Kindle users upgrading (based on the few owners I know) but this might be able to compete with the new iPad mini. Good luck, Amazon!


I definitely like the kindle fire. It's a nifty product, but I'm not sure it can compete. The first kindles were excellent; but since then the tablet market has grown and the fire still has too much focus on being an e-reader with added functionality as opposed to a tablet that evolved from an e-reader.

I wish Amazon luck; anything that doesn't run on the iOS platform gets my vote.

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I dont understand why would Amazon wants people to buy a Kindle instead of starting a subscription service to all Android tablets


was not interested to begin with


This will be interesting to see what Amazon finally releases.


They maybe holding of because thehy dont want to infringe any patents from apple that apple stole and risk loosing 1billion


The point about patents may be the case. Apple's got Samsung gasping for breath with their patent lawsuit. All of these companies will be gun-shy for a while,........


i haven't had the same experience with the kindle fire as you have. Everyone i know that has one got it because they had an itouch and wanted an ipad but they were too expensive, when the kindle fire came out and it was bigger than an itouch and cheaper too many of my friends got one. I have always like apple and most the people i know and work with do too. I can't wait to see the new......... fine ill say it. Phablet with the processing power, simplicity and reliability i have come to expect from them.