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When it comes to the iPhone, Apple doesn't prescribe to the philosophy that bigger is better, unlike Android devices, which keep growing and growing (Galaxy Note, anyone?). Instead of launching the iPhone 5 that everyone was expecting, Apple came out with the iPhone 4S and it shipped with the exact same measurements as the iPhone 4 (2.3 inches wide by 0.37 inches thick), almost the same weight (4.9 ounces versus 4.8 ounces), and the same Retina display (3.5 inches, 960x640 pixels).

For the next iteration, conventional wisdom says Apple needs to finally increase the iPhone's screen size, and as rumor has it, that's exactly what the Cupertino company plans to do. Citing a South Korean media report, Reuters says the next iPhone iteration will feature a 4.6-inch Retina display, which is more than an inch larger than the iPhone 4/4S.

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As the story goes, a bigger screen is a foregone conclusion and Apple has already started ordering parts from its suppliers. It's worth noting that LG Display and Samsung build the bulk of displays for Apple, and Samsung already makes 4.6-inch OLED displays for its Galaxy S II smartphone, a tidbit that makes the story at least plausible, though not necessarily believable. Why?

Well, a bigger display means the next iPhone will be larger than ever before, a move Apple has so far been reluctant to make. With that in mind, it's a little difficult to picture Apple making the leap all the way to 4.6 inches, resulting in a much bigger smartphone. That said, we'd be surprised if the next iPhone shipped with the same size 3.5-inch panel as the iPhone 4/4S.

What size screen would you like to see on the next iPhone?

Some people say that at a certain screen size it becomes uncomfortable to operate a phone with one hand. At what point above 4inches this comes into play is what is most interesting. The 5.3 inch Samsung galaxy note is a bit too big for most to operate single handed, I've heard some folks say the same thing about the 4.7 inch Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan.

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For my hands / taste, 4.7 is about the limit. I love my SGSII Skyrocket, but any bigger is pushing it. Although, the SGSIII will have a slightly bigger screen, it's bezel is smaller, so the total form factor and not just screen size should be considered.


I like the 4.7. Currently I have a Sensation and while it is not small I would like a couple more inches, for typing, and space on the touch keyboard as well as for wider screen for browsing and media view etc! I have toyed with the idea of changing to At&t when the HTC One X hits. The phone in some ways is great with an awesome screen, a great camera, BEATS sound not to mention the upgraded screen etc. I do not like the non removable battery self contained build though.


Over @ ZDnet this guy brings up an interesting point, if they make the screen bigger but keep the same screen resolution their PPI will fall below retina specs, whatever that means. Then again I'm not sure the 'new' iPad fits retina specs. Its nice when you can make stuff up and force your will upon people.




4.3" is about my limit. I've tried the phones with bigger displays and they don't feel so good in my hand.

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Dont you think big phones are difficult to use?


Its all just a rumor. Apple's next iPhone in the form of a bigger screen and a considerably faster data connection. This is not the first mention of faster networking technology making it

into Apple's next iPhone but it's of special interest given that the

slide came from a carrier.


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