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So here I site, different desk, different building, slightly different job with a pallet of 10 fresh 1U & 2U boxes all stuffed with dual Xeon E5-2680's 128GB DDR3 & twin SSDs, 5 of which have dual Tesla's in them. Can I get some folding done as a burn in? Can I F...

I've not been folidng much for a few years since we upgraded our ISA servers to TMG servers, in this time the developers have still not got round to implementing anything bar basic proxy authentication....  I know they have science and stuff to do but really.

It's a bit disappointing to tell the truth, the 16core work units on the right box can bring you several hundred thousand points per day on the fastest kit. Oh well, I've fired up the trusty PS3 again to let that crunch a few numbers.

Every little helps lol.


Neat, what is your job?

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Shame you're 16 core PC is going to waste but it's nice to see you contributing any way that you can.


I dunno I think you could get away with folding on the things as a burn-in test 🙂 HP certainly did with their cloud systems.


Clear it with management, Say you need to test the hardware and make sure it is 100% functional.  I did that with 5 racks of dual Xeon boxes from HP a couple years ago, the company made me fold them under the company name but it was something like 10 million points over a few weeks for the cause, oh and the company paid for the electricity..