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Intel SSD 520 Series Solid State Drive ReviewIntel is launching a brand new line of solid state drives today, built around SandForce’s popular SF-2200 family of storage processors. The new SSD 520 Series solid state drives, as they are known, will supplant the Marvell-based 510 series at the top of Intel’s consumer-targeted SSD lineup and be offered in capacities ranging from 60GB to 480GB.

Like other SandForce SF-2200-based drives, the new Intel SSD 520 series is outfitted with a SATA III interface with sequential reads and writes speeds in the 550MB/s to 520MB/s ranges, respectively. According to their specifications, 4K random reads peak at around 50K IOPS (QD32), with 4K random writes hovering around 80K IOPS for the 240GB model we’ll be showing you here...

Intel SSD 520 Series Solid State Drive Review


I'd rather get the corsair force gt ssd than this, cost less, better performer.The 5 years warranty beats the 3 years of the corsair but still i dtay with the corsair, nice review!!! I LIKED IT


Very nice review and as they all seem to have the same performance capabilities I would tend towards the least expensive SSD.


Yes, Thank you cowboyspace, I will put bench marks up any day of the week for ya on my Corsair Force GT sata III

two way RAID 0! SOOOO FASST!!!

just let me know what benching program you would like me to use.

I often find my self trying to remember what the loading screens looked like on the games I play.


SiSoft SANDRA 2011,IOMeter, AS SSD Benchmark, and shows some pictures it scored points in windows experience index. :)


This drive has some serious issues this was my post in Intel Support Community:

Last Thursday I received my brand new Dell Precision M6600. Before I started to use the system I upgraded the hard drive to an Intel 520 Series..

After dropping in the SSD, I was ready to install Windows 7 Pro. I first went into the BIOS and left the setting on RAID. After reading tons of forums, this seemed like the right way on installing the hard drive. Once complete I installed all the necessary drivers (which is a story in its self!). After, I went on the Intel website and ran the driver utility make sure everything is up-to-date. I also installed the SSD toolbox to optimize the drive.

After dealing with the BIOS not always detecting the SSD and the occasional OS freeze, I made my way into the Intel control panel. I noticed the hard drive was only running at 3GB/s, I thought that was kind of odd since the computer is capable of running 6GB/s. I decided to change the BIOS to AHCI and reinstall 7..

Once complete, I still had to deal with the BIOS not detecting the SSD and 7 freezing up, every so often. Anywho, once I re-installed all drivers and utilities. I now see the hard drive running at 6GB/s. I was a happy camper until I started to use the computer. I noticed it freezed up the more I use it.

Intel (typing this while simultaneously shaking my pointer finger) you have a serious issue with your SSD. You need to post a firmware update. Not only to fix the issue with 7 but, also for folks who have M6600 and other affected laptop/desktops; who decide to buy your SSD.