Hey fellas and gals. I'm in the market for a new laptop.

Not for gaming use but i do play game but it won't be my main purpose.

Looking into the 15.6 inch screen. Nothing to expensive but nothing to

cheap either. I want to say some where in the area of $500 (cheaper if

there is a good deal :D ).

The reason why i don't want to spend a whole lot is because i plan on building a pc sometime in the next few months when the newer chips arrive.

I've never owned a laptop before so this will be my first. But if there are good deals out i want to snatch one up.


"Hi TVFREAKAZOID, lets see, 15.6 ,under $500, occasional gaming and a great brand. Hothardware from Monday to Friday has,  HH HOT deals of the DAY, and I seen them post are a lot of laptops under $500 from trusted brands. Heres a recent one.:

15.6" HP g6z AMD A8-3500M 2.4GHz Quad-core Laptop w/6GB RAM, 500GB HDD for $489 with free shipping

 15.6" HP g6z

AMD A8-3500M 2.4GHz Quad-core Chip


500GB HDD 5400RPM

$489 with free shipping

"I recommend to upgrade that 500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive to a 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive for just $10. Thats one of my recommendations, more to come."

 "But, dont forget, Black Friday is next week, stay tuned to this thread : , HH is going to post the best deals around, I'm sure you will have many models under $500 with a lot of bang for the buck."  

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Hey TVFREAKAZOID, thanks for posting... If you want my opinion, you should go with the Levono as so.

Of course, we here are knowledgeable of hardware; except for the poster above. I've used a Levono laptop (ThinkPad T42P) and they are pretty good machines; the support behind them is good and they seem to last for a long time.

Of course, Google can be your friend in this case but it's nice that you decided to ask us, the people with technical knowledge built in.

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