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I can't wait to see some comparison benchmarks! This looks extremely impressive!!

Mike Coyne

It must be nice ho have this high performance system. Overclocked on new I7 3960X Extreme Edition CPU at 5.20 GHz seem very impress. I am looking ford to read the review on new i7 3860X extreme Edition.

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This thing has something that makes it stand out from all the other "System manufacturer has new CPU or GPU available for it's systems." It's the fact that it has the now-named "Sandy Bridge-E" chip... The fact that it's in a system where the heat rises up and the liquid cooling is amazing is just plain mindblowing. I've read up on the Sandy Bridge-E chips and while they're no Ivy Bridge... They are just crazy powerful enough to justify plopping down a few dollars on it.

I personally will wait to see if the usual suspects will get their hands on this system and overclock it to it's breaking point and other stuff... I'm going to be holding out for Ivy Bridge but for those looking for power now, this will surfice. Besides, Maingear is just plain awesome; the fact that they gave away one of their systems here is just plain incredible... I sure hope Drake_McNasty is enjoying his system a few months after he won it.


I attribute Maingear to craftsmanship. They were featured on last nights episode of Man Caves on the DIY network as well. Pretty cool stuff. I am sure you will be able to catch the episode online or on reruns. I think the name of the episode was Red Bull arena.


I like the way Maingear distinctly designs and changes the layout in there systems. Most boutique builders just build PC's from standard parts without much internal design. Whereas Maingear changes there internal layouts/construction to specifically match there systems etc .


"The Shift in Red looks fabulous and Maingear quality build are second to none. If anyone wants to make a 3D Tron like movie, the Quantum Shift definitely has the components to do so."