Just bought a new Desktop XPS 8300 Desktop from Dell with following specs.

I would like to connect as many 24 inch monitors as possible but at least 6 at a minimum & 8 will be better yet. ( 24 inch with 1920X1080 )

What changes do I need to make to connect 6 to 8 Monitors to it ?

I have not bought the monitors yet. But monitors with only DVI, VGA & HDMI ports are available where I am located.

Dell XPS 8300

i7-2600 Processor (3.4GHz, 8MB Cache)

Chipset Intel® H67

8GB (4X2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz Memory


Windows - 7 Ultimate ( 64 bit )

Thank you all.

Der Meister

One of these ATI cards 

And since I assume the PC has a crap power supply, as all pre-made computers do. You will need a 500w PSU to power the new video card and computer


Der Meister wrote:

One of these ATI cards 

And since I assume the PC has a crap power supply, as all pre-made computers do. You will need a 500w PSU to power the new video card and computer

"Excellent Recommendation! Dual slot and doesn't consume lots of power. I was about to say the same thing about the Dell model. i'm sure its a 400W or less PSU. I have a another suggestion to add to that. Its cost less than the 6870 from above, but it performs better or a litle faster. Its the ASUS EAH6950 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5. Its a triple slot Card , and its beefy, just in case you consider it, check for clearance in the motherboard and case and see if it allows to fit a triple slot form factor card, and also, the length, dont know if your board is Micro ATX and having a card this size may extend beyond into the PSU. Also for this card, I recommend a 600W PSU."

"Second, if your board supports dual cards( 2 PCIe x16) and you crave 8 monitors, than I would recommend two of the cars mentioned by Der Miester and a 700-750 PSU ."


"LMFAO, I'm still tipsy from last nights boxing match between Mayweather and Ortiz., I now remember that  The Dell 8300 has the PSU on Top and not the bottom. Wooops. "



"OK, The Dell 8300 motherboard has only 1 PCie x16 Slot and there no other slots available for a second card.  2. It has a 460W PSU, I think it can handle The 6870 suggested By Der just fine, I just read a review on HardwareHeaven.Com  with a Dell 8300 and a GTX 560 TI with that same PSU.

"If you really need 8 monitors in the future, I suggest getting a new motherboard that can handle two cards, as well as a beefier PSU and a Bigger case. I'm sure more members will come to your aid today and on, They are very wise people here that can give you more options or suggestions."




Apologize for getting to this late [a bit woozy from the Bears Saints game


of great advice along the advice georgeok received in a few other

forums the ASUS EAH6950 DCII/2DI4S/1GD5 - AMD Radeon HD 6950 - GDDR5 1

GB Video Card would also be a good card along with a  quality 750W PSU

if that card will fit inside the chassis.Maybe he will get back and let

us know a bit more.Because if what he has is like the above pic it

become a bit more challenging..maybe a dif chassis,?Some more info from the OP in here :

 contains a bit more info as to needs, possible return option [nix]and

budget >> what help received ,and how we can better help and

support should we hear back..

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Okay... I've missed the thread and I've seen that 3 other people have already responsed. In that case, here goes nothing...

First off, ignore Wheatley's advice up there. He's the guy with the Optimus Prime avatar...

Secondly, Newer Dell computers don't use that BTX standard. You know, the one where the slots work in reverse (meaning you can't use Dual-slot cards even if you tried.) So it's possible that you may want to go for a different motherboard and also a different power supply. Now all of those people are saying 750W... I wouldn't go for it unless you had either a lot of stuff running or a really power hungry GPU/CPU (the 580 and 6970 don't count.) Instead. I'd go for a quality 600W (or 850W if you want to do Crossfire) PSU. I've had the OCZ StealthXStream 600W and it's worked fine for what I needed, even with an overclocked CPU and a GTX 580 GPU overclocked, I've never felt bottlenecked at least once.

Also I would wait for the new generation of GPU's, specifically AMD's 7000 series. While the card he recommended is fine, it's pretty useless for it to take up three slots. The one I have (Sapphire Radeon HD 6950) works fine and overclocks to 940MHz. I think that 3 slots is really excessive for the Radeon HD 6950 (or 6970, as neither of those are heat producing monsters, hell; two slots work fine for that card. Additionally, with your one slot (unless you decide to upgrade your motherboard to have Crossfire or SLI, there are a couple of MicroATX motherboards with LGA1155 that can do SLI.) you'll need a card that's powerful enough to last and the only one that can do that currently is a GTX 580 (either the 3GB MSI 580 Extreme Edition or the ASUS 580 Matrix with is 1.5GB but has 3 slots and can overclock to 1GHz depending on the core.) But since you can't connect 6-8 monitors to it; I guess it's a bust...

Anyway, if you want to have multi-monitor goodness now; go with the 6950. But I really suggest you wait, patience brings you better things in life.


First I am very grateful for all of you trying hard to help me.

Second I will provide as much info as you need. As I learn more about all the technical jargon, more info I can provide. Hell, I knew nothing about Video Cards & other tech specs that go with it when I started this thread.

Now you guys have at least the pictures of my CPU posted so you know the size of motherboard, slots, power supply location etc.

Let me tell you what I have understood so far.

I have 1 PCIe 16 & 3 PCIe X 1 slots of which 1 is empty ( 2 others occupied by a sound card & TV Tuner Card can be made available if needed by throwing away those 2 cards, correct ? And this is just to make room for a 2 or 3 slot card, correct ?

So far VisionTek 900373 Radeaon 6870 would take up only 2 slots & I can keep sound card & still have 1 slot empty. If I go for that then can I use one empty slot for a video card with 2 outputs making it possible to have 8 monitors ? If so which PCIe X 1 video card would do the job along with 6870 ?

If I have to change the mother board & power supply then Dell goes out of door & it would be as good as building a new system, correct ? Now that frightens me not being a tech guy & where I am located, the hardware guys have not even heard about 6 monitor systems. So Dell is the only one who can come to my rescue with a phone call when I get into trouble. So if possible I would like to stick with current system & work with it in whatever manner you guys see fit to build a 8 Monitor system.

But then what TaylorKarras posted goes over my head where he says " Secondly, Newer Dell computers don't use that BTX standard. You know, the one where the slots work in reverse (meaning you can't use Dual-slot cards even if you tried."

I s he saying I can't use 6870 that occupies 2 slots ?

I was just feeling comfortable knowing that at the worse I would have a 6 monitor system with 6870.

How am I doing so far ?

I cannot Thank You enough for taking your valuable time & willingness to help out.









rrplay replied on 09-18-2011 6:37 PM

Maybe he will get back and let us know a bit more.Because if what he has is like the above pic it become a bit more challenging..maybe a dif chassis,? Some more info from the OP in here :

Yes, that is what I have & I don't know if another board with 2 PCIe x 16 would fit in there & even if it did, that would void Dell warranty & a big brother who comes to my rescue.

So, can we work with what I have ?


Here is more info on monitors.

 Dell UltraSharp U2412M 60.9cm (24-inch) Monitor

I found Dell Monitors that rotates 180 degrees ( Never knew that was possible )  & has higher Resolution & better ports & suits my needs more than ever & I would like to go for them for a slightly more price.

Optimal Resolution:

1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz

Connectivity :

1 Digital Visual Interface connectors (DVI-D) with HDCP

1 DisplayPort(DP)

1 Video Graphics Array (VGA)

1 USB 2.0 upstream port

4 USB 2.0 downstream ports

DC power connector for Dell Soundbar


Hi georgetok and welcome HotHardware !

pretty sure we will be able to get this sorted for you.Let us know where you are located as well

Sure appreciate you getting back.! I've seen some og the other threads you have posted elsewhere and now it looks like we  are going to be work this out.From I understand you had a post mentioning>>[techpowerup]


georgetok ,..."First, I am going to use 6-8 Monitors to look at 6-8 stock market charts

that of course update every milli second. That is my primary goal.

I do watch downloaded TV, Movie videos when I am free but NO GAMING & No 3D stuff whatsoever.

I do need minimum of 1920X1080 Resolution on each monitor & Video

watching so that probably leaves out Matrox TripleHeadToGo & other

USB cards"

<<get a amd radeon 5870 eyefinity 6 , it's not so expensive but runs 6 monitor just fine.>>

Included the above quotes from some of your feedback in other do you feel about the trimming the vid card mod ?

What we need to be sure on is the pic above of the chassis the exact mainboard model and of course where you are located to see about getting some parts for this DIY solution.Don't worry about Taylor well thought comment about "dell not using the BTX standard" we understand that That may or may not be the case, but most likely so..If you can measure the inside space for vid card inside your chassis that would help,if you have a link for the exact Dell mobo that would help too.

Since you mentioned that you cannot return it to Dell.,any thoughts on selling it to someone else and building a new rig ?  ...Just so you know Taylor is quiete the monitor wizard around here ,we get some pretty snappy deal on screens in our daily deal thread..It may just be a better route to sell the Dell ,build a new rig ,get some Acer or some price/performer 24'" screen and get this system fired up to check out your stock etc 'cuz time is money.



Thank you so much rrplay & others for being such kind people.

I am trying to gather more info on my system & will be back in few hours.

How do I post a picture here ? I tried copy Paste but that doesn't work.



Ok, OptimusPrimeTime has already posted all the info about my system earlier.

If you take that video card out, then it leaves all that room in my system.

Thus 1 PCIe x 16 slot & 3 PCIe x 1 slot, I guess.

It has enough room to fit either HD 6770 or GTX 560 & that I know because Dell offers those 2 choices for this rig.


georgetok wrote:

..How do I post a picture here ? I tried copy Paste but that doesn't work.

take a look here

for more info on posting in the forum

Edit This is the one you want for photos ! :)

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georgetok wrote:

But then what TaylorKarras posted goes over my head where he says " Secondly, Newer Dell computers don't use that BTX standard. You know, the one where the slots work in reverse (meaning you can't use Dual-slot cards even if you tried."

I s he saying I can't use 6870 that occupies 2 slots ?

You can use the 6870 but unless we know more about your needs, we can't make an exact suggestion. Also, this picture from Tom's Hardware should show you the difference between ATX and BTX.

Notice how they seemed like they're reversed... The ATX board is put to the right of the case and the BTX is put into the right, thus leading to a reversed PCI slot configuration. In laymens terms, insert it the right way and it'll fit but if you install it the left way, it's impossible.

As for your video card dilemma. If you keep your sound card in the furthest right spot then you can fit like 2-slot or even 3-slot video cards if you so wish; I just saw your recent post saying that you can only rely on Dell for upgrades but I don't think that Dell's technical support is "top notch". I mean you'd be better off asking us for any technical support question rather than those Dell guys in india. Though you do miss out on repairs and hardware troubleshooting, and I don't blame you if you want to stay with them.

If you do decide to replace the motherboard and the power supply then you should find that the Dell cases are actually somewhat workable when it comes to putting a new motherboard/power supply in (Dell used to use a proprietary power supply/PSU connector in the past, they don't do that anymore.) You do have to do research when it comes to the propriatary Dell connector used to connect the front ports (power switches, sound switches, USB ports) to the motherboard. Either you'll have to buy a Dell/ATX converter cable or you'll have to make one yourself if you go that route.

In any case, we appreciate the thanks and we'll continue to help you out in any way possible. :)

EDIT: About the monitor; Dell makes good monitors and I've had one and the only complaint about it would be the poor black levels (due to TN technology at the time this was made of course, in 2007.) but be aware that this is not your only choice when it comes to monitors. You should look into brands such as LG, Samsung, ASUS, Planar; maybe ViewSonic; depending on research, they may offer either a better or poor monitor then the one you are considering; again, without knowing your exact needs we can't suggest a monitor to fit your suggestions; but through thorough research (consumer reviews & googling) you should be able to find the monitor that fits your needs.

One thing about DisplayPort, while it may be newer and more convenient, there is almost no benefit to having this over DVI. Well you can connect more monitors if that's what you're looking for but you won't get any quality increase over DVI... Not saying DisplayPort is bad or anything, just letting you know so that you're more informed when it comes to choosing a monitor. Connections are only one thing, you have to look for things such as vividness, quality, contrast ratios (not those super inflated ratios that go up to like 7,000,000:1; those ratios are Dynamic Contrast ratios (meaning they dim the screen to increase the contrast.) and backlight bleed. Those things are significant things relevant to the decision making of a quality monitor; I mean you don't want to have a screen that feels dull, unreliable and overly gray around the edges now would you?

Again, we appreciate the thanks and good luck with your computer.